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Issue 203

When purchasing a new piece of ‘equipment’ I don’t know if it’s the same in football as in industry where there’s the need to do a risk assessment?  If so, maybe a Mario Balotelli one would be about the same size as a Stephen King Sci-Fi epic.  Mario also comes across Sci-Fi like as well.  No pre-judgements here but the next few months could be interesting.  If Mario does what we hope it will be seen as a stroke of genius on the part of the management.  If he doesn’t?  Well cover your eardrums and don’t watch the abominable SSN who will be screaming from their new HQ studio: “It had to be him!”   One thing about the new Sky studio; it reminded me of moving into a new house only to find nobody got rid of the rubbish.  Losing Dancing Dan showed we needed someone.  Thanks England.

Okay the season so far.  One hit, one miss and one where the jury couldn’t make up their minds but in fairness six points from nine isn’t too bad considering the fixtures.  Raheem Sterling has looked superb and that goal from Alberto Moreno had them dancing in the aisles down White Hart Lane.  The manager still hasn’t called on all his new players but over the course of the next month games are plentiful.  I hope he uses both the players and the fixtures to our benefit.

In the European Cup we’ve got what many wanted – Real Madrid.  It could have been far worse and we’ve got a Basel guide inside this very publication – how’s that for service?

What about the League Cup then? Well a home game against Middlesbrough might not set our pulses racing but a home game is always good.  I don’t care what other teams do – the message is clear.  Don’t treat the League Cup with contempt.  If you do, then like the latest manager of Manchester United you get asked some pretty awkward questions.  The opposition, whether ‘formidable’ or not, have a scalp on their belt and it’s not very pleasant when the scalp belongs to you.  I still avoid meeting anyone who claims to be a Northampton supporter and that’s not talking cobblers.

Issues 201 and 202 both sold out; thank you.  Here’s hoping this issue does the same.  Enjoy it and see you around the fields where houses used to be.


Issue 202

Happy New Season to one and all.  Nice show against Dortmund wasn’t it?  Couldn’t cover the game in this issue but maybe the next one?

Replicating the successes of last season won’t be easy.  The club’s invested as much in the future as they have in the present which is necessary.  The money to burn clubs such as Manchester City and Chelsea don’t have that worry.  Stating the obvious, I expect those two to be contesting top spot along with the Sinners from Salford who, as you may have heard on SSN, are once again under new management.  Arsenal are always a conundrum.

So where does that leave us?  Well we need players to deliver and I’m reasonably confident that Raheem Sterling can do just that.  Jordan Henderson will probably have to do even more of Steven Gerrard’s leg work and Daniel Sturridge needs to leave any chips on his shoulders at home and show the world how good he can be.  Phillipe Coutinho has to go up a couple of levels and he’s probably aware that there are a few kicking’s waiting for him from The Premiership bruisers.  What Lambert, Markovic, Can and Lallana bring to the table we wait and see but I think we will be okay in the attacking sense.  Given the chance Jordan Ibe could be something special as well.

The defence gave everyone sleepless nights.  If Lovren can plug some of the leaks and we play with a settled back four it might help Mignolet who was error prone at times last season.  What the plans are for Javier Manquillo we’ll have to wait and see but he has to be a better option than the hapless and hopeless Aly Cissokho.

There’s still time to add to the numbers and move deadwood out.  The stupidity of modern football is that by the end of August who knows who will have whom?  And once you’ve got players in there’s an international break or three on the horizon.

Regardless, if we are pleasured as much as we were last season there will be smiles on faces.  Even mine – maybe!

Thanks for reading Issue 202 and see you around the fields where houses used to be.

ISSUE 201 So just as I’d got this copy ready the news broke that Luis Suárez was Barça bound. Of course it didn’t come as a shock and like a few times in the past we could fill this Fanzine with Suárez material but there’s nothing new to say. What happened in Brazil has been flogged to death and although it gets a mention there are other things to talk about, such as how good last season was. We’ll close the Luis cha201coverpters in the next issue when the dust has settled and the news reporters have ridden out of town. We’ve got new players and by the time the season starts we could have more. That’s why I wanted to do a pre-season issue; clear last season away and start with the new on the opening day. That’s the plan but of course things can always change. They usually do. So RED ALL OVER THE LAND is up and running again. As ever it’s again a case of touch and go to as how long we continue. We welcome everyone, new and old. Plans are afoot, we’ve worked hard during the summer in a bid to raise the Zines profile. However, a few dozen or so new subscribers wouldn’t go amiss. Pre-season looked a bit more competitive than in the past with a good standard of opposition faced in America along with Dortmund at Anfield. Those games and the ones in Brondby and Preston will be covered in Issue 202. My editorials are going to be shorter but maybe not sweeter. We pray for good weather as much as we pray for good results. We’ve even had the Plaza and Grassy Knolls redeveloped. Enjoy the Fanzine and see you around the fields where houses used to be?