Welcome to Red All Over The Land the last remaining printed version of Liverpool fanzines.

Our next day of sale will be at Bury on July 14th. Unfortunately we can’t make the Tranmere game but we’re hoping to be at the game away at Ewood Park. Our thanks to those who purchased the Fanzine at Chester.

As things move on we’ll keep you fully informed about all things RED ALL OVER THE LAND – The NON-RUMOUR website.

On just about every LFC related website, blog or twitter account, including the clubs official site you will read of rumour and speculation, those who claim to be In The Know [ITK’s] bringing you the latest often far fetched yarn that for some reason seems to feed their lust. Red All Over The Land has a rule, we don’t deal with rumour, speculation or made up gossip, just facts so you won’t see anything on this site about any player coming or going until it is FACT!

Visit the subscription page for more detail or email the editor at redallovertheland@gmail.com

Red All Over The Land is always on sale on match days at Anfield from our sellers dotted around the ground.