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Burnley 2 Liverpool 0

After The Lord Mayors Show: Hard to fathom out what happened at Turf Moor. This showing was little different to the miserable stuff served up at places like Watford last season. There can be no excuse whatsoever; this Manè apart was probably the best side available. The only thing that stood out was the fluorescent looking kit but none of the players wearing it showed anything to make me feel this season would be any different to last. I don’t care how much possession we had, don’t care how many shots we had because the plain facts are we never looked like scoring and we never looked like performing. I give credit to Burnley for their defending, they posed a question and we were too baffled to know the answer. I agree with The Kaiser, the season is young but we’ve played twice and conceded five goals. I also agree with him that panic buying defenders won’t solve anything only in my mind the problem of our defending should have been solved a long time ago.

Gooners 3 Liverpool 4

What can you say after a game like that? Some stunning Liverpool games and some not so good defending? All had a familiar ring to it, a bit like in the ‘nearly season’ under Brendan. Coutinho and Manè were outstanding and when he came on I thought Origi did what Rush used to do so well, defend from the front.
Sadly the defence looked all over the place at times and even in the modern games there are times when putting ball in Row Z is the best option. Anyway, like Klopp joining in the manic scenes after the Sadio goal and we’ll take three points from Islington any day.