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Liverpool 2 Tottenham 1

I was a bit surprised Jürgen decided to make 11 changes especially when looking back at the strength of the sides put out against Burton and Derby but it all worked out for the best.  I thought the team played well against an also much changed Spurs and we deserved the win.  Maybe it shows we’ve finally got a bit of strength in depth and I thought Sturridge was as good as The Kaiser said he was.  Scored two, denied by the Spurs ‘keeper twice and missed a couple, not a bad nights work for someone who can get into the England side but can’t always get into ours.  Ovie Ejaria really impressed, early days I know but it looks like there’s a talent in waiting inside this player.  Although the other young ‘un Trent Alexander-Arnold found life a bit trickier he let nobody down and for a young defender playing in a back line that must have been almost alien to him he showed there could be another prospect lurking within.  The Spurs side included eight players who were under 23 but we couldn’t have been far behind.  Origi is only 21 and Grujic 20 [and how big will he be when he stops growing] and that has to be a good sign.  We’ve had our share of ‘Fools Gold’ but it finally looks like our scouting network has delivered the goods.  Oh, and Danny Ings doesn’t normally even make our bench but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.  The problem Herr Klopp might have is keeping them all satisfied but not a bad problem to have.  The atmosphere last night was reasonably good and even after the customary nerves arrived following the penalty the crowd kept with the lads and that can’t be bad.  53,000+ as well, shows the price was right.  Another home draw wouldn’t go amiss and I’ll be tuning in to find out who we’ve got once Mourinho has stopped either gloating or moaning.  The final word on last night; thought Mignolet looked more confident that Karius has been looking.

Liverpool 2 West Brom 1

West Brom’s ‘keeper was probably the Man of the Match yesterday, although our finishing might not have been as we would have hoped but there will always be days like that.  Fair to say Foster’s poor clearance helped us with the second goal but there was a bit of quality in the build up as well.  The build up for the first wasn’t bad either.  What I can’t fathom out is our defending.  Clyne and Milner had decent games as did Lovren and Matip but we still looked so vulnerable when West Brom saw a chink of light.  Karius doesn’t fill me with confidence and those around me yesterday were of a similar opinion.  Having said Milner had a decent enough game the free kick he gave away just before West Brom scored looked needless but once the kick came into the box the goalkeeper should be at least looking to deal with things, ours looked as if he didn’t know what to do and the ball ended up going for a corner and once again the only real shot on our goal went in.  The question is, does our defence have confidence in our keeper?

Sitting in close proximity to the away fans how boring must it be to have to sing about us never having seen Gerrard win the league?  The last time West Brom won anything Jeff Astle was still playing.

Editorial 226

Not long after arriving at Anfield, Jürgen Klopp expressed surprise and disappointment at supporters streaming out of Anfield with still a fair bit of time left.  Against Leicester City and Hull visiting supporters begged the question, “Is there a fire drill” – one of the many childish away anthems we too regularly hear.  I’ve suggested many of the early leavers are of the tourist, day-tripping kind but as was pointed out to me locals are as guilty.  It doesn’t matter who or what they are, getting away ten minutes or so before the final whistle is a head-scratcher.  The game that baffled Jürgen was against Crystal Palace when the team was getting beaten and not playing particularly well.  However, the two games this season we’d been privileged to watch something of a Liverpool masterclass but still they poured out.  I know its nothing new, Tommy Smith once described them as the “half-past fourers”.  Even so, the question is “Why”?  I’m not attempting to answer it. 

After the Hull game Jürgen was the celebrity star on Sky’s Monday Night Football and yes he looked and sounded good, almost dragging needed humour into the programme.  I’m probably going against the grain and that’s nothing new, but if I was him I’d hang on a bit, the first half at Swansea followed the Hull game so we’ve a long way to go.

As we went into the second unwanted International break [Jürgen doesn’t like them either] things were going reasonably well on the pitch.  The ‘Experts’ have started to talk of yet another New Dawn and I’ve read we’re second favourites for the title which I don’t get.  However, there’s still a lot to get out the system, like that first half at Swansea.  From what has been said, surprisingly confirmed by official sources, The Kaiser wasn’t in a good mood at halftime.  We’ve had unacceptable levels of performance in the past, too many in fact, and so often we’ve heard lamentable excuses from within the inner sanctum with the players promising to try a bit harder next time.  If our manager thinks he has to stick the boot in then good – especially if it gets results.  If that’s what Jürgen did in Wales, I hope it hit and hurt any intended target.  Given the way I was feeling at halftime I’d have happily helped.  

Further Anfield expansion could be in doubt with the Boston Boys citing ticket prices as an issue.  Obviously they still think we should be paying more and the penny – or dime hasn’t yet dropped.  FSG own the club so it’s up to them what they do or don’t do.  Or should I play the Devils Advocate?  Is there something else in the wind meaning they don’t want to commit themselves to any further long term investment?  I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to start any Chinese whispers and as I mentioned in the previous Editorial, this Fanzine will only deal with facts.

Welcome to another issue of RED ALL OVER THE LAND.  As always thanks to everyone who made it possible and the articles have rolled in.  So much so, I’ve had to hold a few intended features over until next time.  A word also to KADJ07, get well soon. 

If you want to say hello you’ll find me All Around The Fields where someone’s back garden used to be.  Or near a tree between the Media Entrance and the Hillsborough Memorial.


Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0

Red Faced Monday: After the Sky hype what a letdown.   In total agreement with The Kaiser that we should have done better and we need to get to grips with sides that just come for a point; West Brom won’t be much different.  Like we’ve said before the stats don’t mean a thing, the result does.  No doubt that De Gea won his side a point but he was hardly overworked was he?  I thought Daniel Sturridge had just about his worst game in a Liverpool shirt and maybe it’s also time Jürgen brought Danny Ings in from the cold; at least he deserves a place on the bench?  As far as the atmosphere being red hot as Sky had hyped I don’t think it ever got more than lukewarm.  Their fans were as obnoxious as ever but the fact they spent just about the whole 90-minutes singing about Steve Gerrard showed just what sort of game they were watching.  Mourinho probably thinks he’s still the special one but he looks more like yesterday’s man each time he comes on telly – and that’s a lot.  Fair enough his tactics worked but only because we didn’t have the answers to the problems set.  For two years Manchester United fans and the mass media that fornicate over them couldn’t stop stabbing Louis van Gaal in the back over his tactics but when was the last time we saw a Manchester United team come to Anfield and stick everyone behind the ball the way they did at time last night – probably in Dave Sexton’s time.  For us, I though Milner was excellent and Coutinho played in patches before being shackled or kicked.  One positive was the first clean sheet of the season but Karius does not fill me with confidence, four games now and he’s missed every cross he’s come for but when De Gea went to Manchester United he looked a bag of crap as well.

Swansea 1 Liverpool 2

Not having a ticket for the game at Swansea I had to watch it on the box. The first half was like watching an old scary film that I’d seen many times over. Every time Swansea got near our goal I shut my eyes. I was just grateful that we were only one down at halftime. The air in the house was blue and I had to ask people to leave the room while I vented my feelings. Thankfully we did get better after the break and the equaliser came from a great ball from Henderson and he looks a far better player doing that than when he gripes at the referee and gets booked [again]. I don’t know about others but our latest man between the sticks had me looking for the nerve tonic – sorry Simon. One thing about our manager, he’s honest. “Not perfect, but good enough”. Amen to that.