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Liverpool 3 Everton 1

The day didn’t start as I’d hoped, bloody raining again but by the end of it the sun was shining and the birds were singing and Koeman was moaning like a real live Bitter Blue.  Our goals were brilliant, there’s was typical Liverpool defending but at the end of ‘derby day’ it’s only the result that matters.  It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t ugly, somewhere in between and I can take that any ‘derby day’.  Coutinho was brilliant, so was Lucas and in fairness most of our players stood up to be counted.  Those that didn’t had probably been savaged by Barclay.  Anthony Taylor’s a poor referee and that’s been shown in most of the games he had involving us this season.  Still, let’s leave him be and just wallow in Everton’s misery.

Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1

We’d have probably been happy to have taken a point when this game started because despite all their ills going to The Etihad and getting a point these days can’t be viewed in a negative fashion.  The only negative really is we could have won, but so could they and in what some critics are saying was one of the best games in the Premier Division this season a draw probably seemed the fairest of results.  Their supporters having a go at James Milner was childish at best but so was the jeers aimed in Sterling’s direction from our supporters.  It’s nothing new, it’s been like that for years but it’s still stupid and doesn’t exactly do anything for our own players.

Liverpool 2 Burnley 1

They called it winning ugly and in some way I don’t really understand that.  Does it mean we were a bit lucky, does it mean we dug in and ground out a result or does it mean we were rubbish but somehow got over the line?  It certainly wasn’t pretty to watch but the record books won’t tell you anything about how we played they’ll just show the result and that’s all that matters.  There were plenty of times in the glorious past when we didn’t play well but won, sometimes we didn’t deserve to win but we won and no matter what Burnley fans thought they went home with nothing to show for their efforts.  All I know is when I got home I was cold but glad of the points and the day ended well.