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Good Afternoon

At last a biggish money signing has been spotted with his pen at the ready close to the dotted line.  Mohamed Salah has certainly taken the long route to Anfield being as we were gazumped by Chelsea a few years back.  Hopefully it will be a case of ‘Better late than never’.  We can also hope he’s the first of a few new faces; a couple of defenders and a midfield general ala Mascherano would be on my wish list – plus a genuine quality ‘keeper if not to replace Mignolet, then at least to push him.  Still not convinced by Karius and Ward rightly wants to play so another year at Huddersfield wouldn’t be the worst thing for him.

No departures of note although Napoli have supposedly offered £11m for Alberto Moreno, the rumour is the club said no, personally I’d have bitten their hand off.

Disappointing news on the pre-season fixture front is the games against Tranmere and Wigan are set for a Wednesday and Friday night and that makes getting too them difficult regards travel.  Added to this there’s no game at Anfield so unfortunately we won’t be bringing out a pre-season issue of RED ALL OVER THE LAND meaning ISSUE 234 will now come out at the opening game of the season down Watford way.

The Under 23 squad will play a couple of pre-season matches at the Coombe Abbey stadium in Nuneaton where there will be a six-team tournament with PSV Eindhoven, Rangers, Wolves, Coventry and Nuneaton Town taking part.  Liverpool start with a game on Saturday July 29th against Coventry City and kick off is scheduled for 2-30pm.  The following day, Sunday July 30th the Redmen face PSV and again kick off is scheduled for 2-30.

With three games taking place on each day, tickets for the whole weekend are priced at £40 for adults and £15 for Under 16s. There is also a special one-day ticket price of £25.  We’ll try and keep you posted.  Obviously several players who would normally feature in the Under 23 side will probably be away with the First team squad as they undertake another world tour but nevertheless there should be some good talent on view over the weekend.

If anyone goes to any of the games anywhere in the world feel free to send in any photographs [even selfies on this occasion] and/or comments and we’ll gladly feature them in the Fanzine.

Coming soon to RED ALL OVER THE LAND will be our HAPPY NEW SEASON cards which are currently at the design stage and should be available in a couple of weeks time.

We are always on the lookout for new contributors to the Fanzine and we’d be as happy as Jürgen when we score a last minute winner if we had a few more sellers dotted around the vast surrounds of Anfield.  You can supplement your match day costs simply by coming along and shouting, “RED ALL OVER THE LAND only £2”.  It’s actually fun!  If anyone fancies helping with anything to do with RED ALL OVER THE LAND from any of the mentioned to the design, the content, how to improve the website or has any ideas feel free to get in touch.  The email address is  If there’s anything you want us to publicise on the site you only have to ask.

To date subscriptions are looking slightly up on the corresponding period last year, which is always good news.  The more subscribers we get, the better the Fanzine can be.  You can subscribe to RED ALL OVER THE LAND for next season by visiting our website at  Subscription rates are as follows, UK 10 Issues £20, 5 Issues £12; Europe 10 Issues £30 5 Issues £17; Rest of World 10 issues £37 5 Issues £17.  PayPal Payments can be made direct to this email or via the website. Bank Transfers and Cheques also available, just contact me for details.  There is also a digital version and to subscribe to that the cost is just £8 per season.  Again details are on the website or simply drop me an email for more information.


It seems ages now since the season ended; probably because the new fixtures have already been released. I’m sure many can remember the time when we’d put the dates straight into our diary and they would be set in stone, changed only by the weather or Cup involvement. I’m afraid I didn’t get too worked up about the fixtures when Sky made the big announcement simply because the dates mean nothing and it seemed a bit daft when Sky mentioned the dates of games against the likes of Everton and Manchester United knowing full well they, and BT, would swap and change them before the ink had even dried.

Talking about TV fixtures there seems to be discussions about playing Saturday fixtures in the evening in a season or two; I’m sure it’s going to happen but it won’t help supporters who travel on a regular basis from all over the land. It could lead to even more tourists I suppose and the club sees them as more important than anyone else.

Disappointed we haven’t signed anybody yet apart from the young lad from Chelsea; I was hoping we’d have two or three getting measured up for the LFC range of kits by now. We certainly appear to have cocked up our relationship with Southampton but it shows just how much the game has changed when it comes to signing players. The club website love to boast about doing things ‘The Liverpool Way’ but that’s in the cupboard gathering cobwebs. The ‘Liverpool Way’ was to work on the quiet, get it all sorted; then make an announcement before getting on with the next bit of business. Being fair to the club, that was in the days before agents took control but even so, our transfer policy doesn’t seem to be very good does it?

Although I’ve just had a week enjoying the delights of Naples I haven’t heard of too much transfer outs either although there’s plenty of talk about Danny Sturridge and whispers about Philippe Coutinho. I’ve not read about bids from the Spanish giants for Alberto Moreno though!

Good news about a few pre-season games in the vicinity of the North West and if we do have games against Tranmere, Wigan and maybe Preston at least we’ll get the chance to see a few of the young guns giving it a go. Unlike in the pre-seasons following World and Euro Cup competitions we could even get to watch some of the established players shaking off the ring rust and we also get massive ticket allocations as well. Something to look forward to.

Now I’m back from holiday I can start planning for next season regarding RED ALL OVER THE LAND and if the pre-season games in the great North West get confirmed then hopefully we’ll have a Fanzine out to mark the occasion. I’m going to be updating the website as well while having a Facebook page doesn’t seem to bring many rewards. I’ll be sending out some details about these matters shortly.