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Moscow Spartak 1 Liverpool 1

Another somewhat predictable night. Total domination but couldn’t turn the superiority into goals. A goal conceded from a set piece and Lothar Karius under fire yet again.  If they’re calling our attacking options ‘The Fab Four’ well they were singing out of key and as Ringo once sang, they needed a little help from their friends!

Leicester City 2 Liverpool 3

Revenge is sweet, if that’s what this was.  Only why we should end the game with nothing of our fingernails left to chew is no longer baffling.  We now expect it and when Leicester were gifted a goal right on halftime by the incompetence of a referee or by virtue of Simon Mignolet messing [you decide] we knew what was coming didn’t we?  Henderson’s goal should have given us breathing space but a minute or so later breathing space was taken away.  Should Mignolet have done better [you decide].  The penalty the referee gave Leicester looked harsh but forget that, how did we end up in that situation.  Anyway Simon redeemed himself and we managed to hang on.

Leicester 2 Liverpool 0

Some people don’t care about the League Cup, but I’m not one of them.  This was the chance for all those on the fringe to show what they can do, they didn’t do it.  There were strange decisions again but I think even Jürgen is becoming as baffled as the rest of us.

Liverpool 1 Burnley 1

Football can be so annoying and games like this don’t help.  The Stats tell you one thing and they bombard you with them but they’re all so pointless.  The only one that matters is the result.  We ran out of ideas pretty quickly and when Burnley took the lead I feared the worse but we got back on level terms if nothing else.  The problem I had was nobody in our team seemed to know what to do to try and resolve the situation which faced us.  I include Jürgen in that equation as well.

Liverpool 2 Seville 2

All things considered this was a decent enough game and I thought a draw was a fair enough result.  We have to live now with our defending deficiencies and strange goalkeeping rotations, not that Karius was to blame for the goals we conceded in this game.  We came back well after the early setback and could have been in a stronger position at halftime and not just because of the missed penalty.  I thought we lost our shape in the second half although that might be down to the way Seville played.  The red card for Gomez was a cheap one and didn’t affect the result but personally I thought Moreno was begging for one after being booked in the first half.  Albert is a useful asset going forward but still a liability at the back, however as far as our defenders are concerned he’s not the only one.  I think the Spanish side are group favourites and because the other game ended in a draw as well, a couple of wins on the road would help the cause.