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Liverpool 3 Huddersfield 0

The way things have gone this season we’d have taken this result at the start wouldn’t we?  The first half was dire and our missed penalty just about summed it up.  Thankfully the second half was better and we got the goals.  Huddersfield looked like a side who won’t be around the top flight for long but on the other hand they did something we couldn’t do and that’s beat Manchester United. It was good to see ‘Dancing Dan’ score again and hopefully it will ignite his season which hasn’t actually been burning brightly.  Then again, he’s not on his own his he. It’s all about three points and we got them.

Spurs 4 Liverpool 1

Four more goals conceded and each and everyone a gift.  Pathetic and embarrassing no matter how you look at it.  No point in dwelling on it, leave that to the manager and the players.