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Liverpool 2 Leicester 1

Hard graft sometimes has to replace artistry and that was the case against the East Midlanders.  At times I thought we were defending by accident because we just couldn’t clear the lines but give credit to Leicester for that. I’m just thankful they took Vardy off at 1-1. Not for the first time Mo Salah was the hero, another two goals dragged us over the line when most of those around him seemed to be carrying a bit of lead in their boots. At the end of the day three points was what we wanted and what we got. Feel a bit groggy though.

Liverpool 5 Swansea 0

After three disappointing home draws it was back to the business end against relegation threatened Swansea.  It was a slow burner but once we got going it was a joy to behold. Once again the margin of victory didn’t flatter and the second half show alone could have reaped even more spoils but let’s settle for five.  TAA scored his Anfield goal as did The Ox. The Brazilian Magicians did the rest and the purists would have gone home happy – like the rest of us.

Arsenal 3 Liverpool 3

Arsenal should have been stuffed like a Christmas Turkey but ended up celebrating a point like a kid with the best Xmas gift ever. Our defence is kinder than Father Christmas and sadly I think Jurgen knows it but seems unable to do much about it. Not many sides will leave The Emirates disappointed they’d scored three and only got a point.

Bournemouth 0 Liverpool 4

A good show whatever they might say about the opposition and 4-0 could have been anything upwards of eight.  Good to see the likes of Solanke, Lallana and Ings on the pitch towards the end; that’s sensible rotating during a game.  All three might have even scored and after a two home non-shows this more like the real thing.  Not many out there questioning Mo Salah these days is there?  Just wish those Coutinho and Barça mentions didn’t keep falling out of every Christmas Cracker he fires home.

Liverpool 0 WBA 0

I doubt there’d been a more boring game at Anfield in many-a-day.  The atmosphere was non-existent; the performance on the pitch never even reached the dizzy heights of lukewarm and as far as the ‘Fab Four’ were concerned it was like watching a one of those Tribute bands that hadn’t got a clue.  Karius found himself in goal and added another clean sheet to his account but there were times when he had the nerves on the end of a bit of string and was bouncing them up and down.  Two home games played inside a few days and four points chucked away in the process.  Still, the unbeaten run goes on.

Liverpool 1 Everton 1

Starting with the obvious, we should have been out of sight before the Everton penalty.  Mane’s miss on halftime was costly, he could have squared the ball and any of three would have had a tap in.  Salah’s goal was typical – just brilliant. Was it a penalty, sorry Jurgen if a player does what Lovren did he’s asking for trouble and he got it. Stop the stupidity and things will improve.  QED. We outplayed Everton but we didn’t capitalise on the chances. Don’t lame the referee he wasn’t responsible for those misses.

Liverpool 7 Spartak Moscow 0

I thought we would beat Spartak but I wasn’t expecting anything like this.  Three up inside twenty minutes and instead of coasting home we went for the jugular.  Brilliant; and Coutinho was incredible as were Mane, Salah and Firmino.  When you think seven didn’t flatter us because seven could have been ten or more it says a lot.