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Liverpool 2 WBA 3

We seem to have gone from one extreme to the other. The scoreline flattered us. WBA looked like scoring every time they attacked and our defence still looks a mess.  We were given a penalty by VAR and duly missed it. They had a goal ruled out by VAR but it didn’t help us. No finger pointing; collectively we were just poor.

Swansea 1 Liverpool 0

Down to earth with more of a crash landing than a bump.  The difference between the two sides was that Swansea did the basics better than we did. They had one chance and took it, we didn’t take any.  We didn’t miss the ‘magic’ of Coutinho because we’ve failed in games like this when he played for us it was simply they stuck ten men behind the ball and we didn’t know what to do about it.

Liverpool 4 Manchester City 3

Almost predictable wasn’t it? Brilliant in attack then we had to defend but we got over the line yet again. Brilliant stuff in the second half and not too bad in the first. The last five minutes were stressful but we’re used to that I suppose. Best game at Anfield for a long time, two sides who wanted to play and didn’t want to kick lumps out of each other. I’m convinced if we’d had a defence and reliable goalkeepers we’d on Manchester City’s tail. May VvD can sort out the defence [if fit]; the net minder is down to the manager and his aides. In the meantime, what a wonderful feeling on a Monday morning.

Liverpool 2 Everton 1

Bit late with the latest news but times hasn’t been an ally. It doesn’t matter as you all know we beat Everton and will all know it’s West Brom in Round 4.  We were better than Everton, again, even if we didn’t hit any great heights. Whether or not it was a penalty doesn’t matter either, the history books will tell the world it was just like the soft ones we’ve given away.  The winner was worth every dime of the fee FSG handed over, we could dine out on the moment if we so desired but there are bigger fish to fry – even bigger ones than Sam Allardyce and his Red turned Blue chum.

Burnley 1 Liverpool 2

New Years Day wasn’t pleasant, wind, rain and a trip to Turf Moor. For a long time the game wasn’t much different to the weather and it looked like hard work for both teams. A goal started to look unlikely until Sadio Mane unleashed a volley the keeper probably didn’t see until it hit the net. It wasn’t in keeping with the game but it got us going for about fifteen minutes when in truth we might have scored two or three more. As time ticked by it seemed as if we were trying to protect what we’d got but we’re not very good at it, time wasting and all that isn’t something we do well and when Burnley scored it felt like we’d let a win go. How we then scrambled the winner only those on the pitch know but we did and we had an unlikely hero in Klavan. It made the getting out of bed on New Years Day just that little bit more worthwhile.