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Porto 0 Liverpool 5

Not a lot you can say after a performance like this apart from ‘WOW’.  When you’re away in Europe what adds up to a good result can be argued or not really determined until you play your home leg but I think this one might safely be viewed as a decent one.  Mane getting a hattrick stole the headlines and he needed a few goals but the whole team played well but we still have the second leg to come at Anfield and it would be nice to turn on a show for the 50,000+ who will attend.  The morning after a show like this though, makes you feel proud to be a red.

Southampton 0 Liverpool 2

More or less just what we would have wanted. Bit messy during the first half but with a two goal cushion by courtesy of F&S the second half was pretty routine. Great couple of team goals and it didn’t look like we’d added any injury to the list.  Our support was excellent, which is more than you can say for the home mob.