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Manchester United 1 Liverpool 4

This result will have absolutely no bearing on the season ahead and everyone should be aware of it.  Forget Mourinho and his everlasting whinging because in the grand scheme of things at Liverpool he doesn’t matter.  The most pleasing thing about the performance should be how much better some of our younger players seem when surrounded by genuine quality; Jones, Camacho and Phillips being just three.  For the genuine Liverpool fans in a crowd of over 100,000 they’d have been satisfied having seen Manè, Sturridge, Ojo and Shaqiri scoring.

Manchester City 1 Liverpool 2

Well it just goes to show what class can do.  If we’re honest Manchester City seemed shorn of more top players than we were but good to see Mo and Sadio back in tandem. Immediate impact from the bench in the case of Mo Salah, ‘inspired substitution’ and all that. Penalty shhot out looked likely to determine the winners  and indeed that’s how it worked out only it was us that were given a penalty before the lottery could begin. Nice one Sadio. The result was worth waking up for. No it doesn’t mean a thing but good to see two of the Fab Boy Three back in tow.