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Mo Salah

There’s been far too much coverage especially on Social Media about Mo using his phone whilst driving. We know it’s against the law so why don’t they just let the law deal with it? As far as Mo not signing autographs when he’s with his family why should he. There’s a time when you’re on duty and a time when you’re not.

Liverpool 4 West Ham 0

As far as first games go, this wasn’t a bad start. West Ham aren’t a bad side but they were never really in this game and the scoreline didn’t flatter us. Good start from Keïta and Alisson wasn’t overstretched. However, Milner stood out and not just because of his headband.  All in all, just about the perfect performance.

Liverpool 3 Torino 1

The final workout and a decent show for those who went. There were a few iffy moments at the back but things can be sorted. Credit the club for the continued efforts to interact with the support; things like that can go a long way.

Liverpool 5 Napoli 0

Around 50,000 entered the Aviva Stadium and probably 99% of them were Liverpool fans.  For the first time in the pre-season campaign the starting line-up might reflect what goes out against West Ham on the opening day.  Taking into account Napoli aren’t as far into their build up as Liverpool a decent showing was the least we could expect.  Instead we got a show. A show of class and quality and Alisson Becker being out there in person added to the excitement. He wasn’t perfect but he looked better and perfection may come with a few more games behind his defence. Some quality goals as well and the one from Alberto Moreno might have been the pick.  One more game to shed the ring rust and then it will be for real. Antipation will have grown after this display.