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Liverpool 4 Cardiff 1

Another half paced stroll simply because Cardiff arrived with a game plan – damage limitation and when that happens it can get boring and this got boring. The only surprise was Cardiff actually scored to cut back our lead to just 2-1 which was farcical. Thankfully we got a bit annoyed and went up and scored another two. Nice to see Salah looking far more lively and Mane scoring a couple. Good goal from Shaquiri as well and for a couple of days at least we would be sitting at the head of the table.

Liverpool 4 Red Star Belgrade 0

Job done. Nothing sensational against a side who whom we were expected to beat. The scoreline didn’t flatter in fact probably should have been more and the game gave the likes of Mo Salah the opportunity to get back in the groove. Likewise, Firminho and Mane. Shaquiri is looking like a good midfield alternative and VvD like a Liverpool captain.

Huddersfield 0 Liverpool 1

On the way home somebody said to me, “Not a lot of positivity about is there?” Yet we were second or joint top if you like but we’re not firing on all cylinders are we – in fact not sure if we’re firing on any? No doubt the old cliche of we’d have lost that game a couple of years ago which is fair enough but on the other hand we’d have won it 5-0 last season.  Time to put it right and then see what we’re really doing. In the meantime, we really are level on points with the golden boys from Manchester City and surely that can’t be a bad thing?

Liverpool 0 Manchester City 0

Well the much predicted classic/goalfest didn’t quite happen. From our point of view thankfully the late penalty sailed into the Anny Road end and at the end both teams seemed happy not to have conceded ground on the other. Not one for the neutrals but maybe one for the man who loves tactical football. Let’s hope during the International break our forwards can find their goal scoring touch.

Napoli 1 Liverpool 0

No arguments, not a shot on target says it all. Napoli deserved the win we didn’t deserve anything. Probably the worst Euro show under Jurgen but there’s time to sort it out.

Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

Following the game against the ‘other’ Chelsea side and the ‘other’ Liverpool side I don’t think too may knew how this could pan out.  However, what we saw was a great game between two good sides and at the end there was nothing to split them.  It looked like Hazard had done us again as the game headed towards closure but in came Dancing Dan and a point saved, gained or whatever.  We went home satisfied.