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Fulham 1 Liverpool 2

One thing for sure, we’ve stopped doing things the easy way.  What looked easy enough on paper ended up hard work. Away from home we’ve stopped finishing teams off and the next three away games have all got a tricky look about them. After Mane had scored we should have put Fulham to sleep but contrived to let them back into a game they should have been out of.  Milner miss kicks with his first touch after coming on, VvD and Alisson get all mixed up and Ryan Babel of all people levels it up and more points look lost.  Alls well that ends well though and a penalty three minutes later after Mane was mauled and Milner atones.  Why are they doing this to us?

Bayern Munich 1 Liverpool 3

The whole nation seemed to be talking Europe. Some down in Parliament seemed bemused, befuddled and out of control.  Over in Germany Bayern Munich looked the same. Liverpool strolled into the Allianz Arena and carefully got through the first 45-minutes before taking over the place. It’s on nights like this when they make us so proud, and by the end of the game the powerhouse that was Munich lay in pieces, destroyed by Sadio Mane and VvD helped by a team full of desire to fulfill a destiny. Next round? Who cares.

Liverpool 4 Burnley 2

This was all about getting three points and we got three points. Poor refereeing, gale force winds but we didn’t get blown off course. Mane and Bobby two each, Salah running amok as provider but a few scary bits as well. Let’s take it and move on.

Everton 0 Liverpool 0

Bloody hell, another nil-nil – never used get nil-nils.  More a less the same as the last three away days, all huff but not much puff. Should have won, but didn’t win. The only question Jurgen needs to answer is why no creativity? The trademark a few months ago, now almost non-existent.  Out of our hands but prayers being offered daily.