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Liverpool 5 Arsenal 5 Liverpool won 5-4 on pens

What a night. Some awful defending but some great second half goals and then a penalty shoot out to get us home and into a fixture jam. Price of fame. An own goal put us one up but then we were 3-1 down before what looked a generous penalty award and Milner did what he does. Only then he did what he doesn’t usually do and gave the Gooners a fourth. Up stepped the Ox to hit home a piledriver, then Divock levelled it all. When Arsenal went 5-4 in front it seemed curtains but the saviour that is now Divock Origi scored a blinder and we have a shoot out. Well done to Curtis Jones for the calm winner. Villa next but who knows when?

Accrington Stanley 5 Liverpool Under 21’s 2

Dreams of a long run in what was called the trophy came to an end at the Wham Stadium in Accrington. Elijah Dixon-Bonner gave the Reds an early lead but they were to be overwhelmed by the stronger home outfit. Layton Stewart scored a late consolation but by then the home outfit had netted five.

Never mind, there’s always next year!!!!!

Liverpool 2 Tottenham 1

Another test of the heart. One down before the lads on the Kop had even had time to lower their banners and flags and a goalkeeper who seemed determind to keep us at bay when we attacked Alamo style. Thank the gods we broke their resistance with a rarity from Jordan Henderson and a Mo pen for a foul that even the Spurs manager agreed was a foul. Six points ahead. More pressure to come methinks.

Editorial 256

Welcome to Issue 256 of Red All Over The Land.

Circumstances meant I had to get this issue finished before the trip to Old Trafford.  Therefore we can only mention the game briefly here.  Easy to sum up the one-all draw.  It was probably the worst we’ve played all year, but we deserved the point.  VAR sadly dominated and the performance of referee Martin Atkinson was nothing short of a disgrace.  Six points clear, still unbeaten.

When you get to a certain time in your life you can ignore a lot of the rubbish some of the pundits and journalists spout.  Jürgen Klopp came to Liverpool a mere four years ago and we all know what’s been achieved since his arrival.  For some to say we should be achieving more is almost infantile – stupid maybe?  Liverpool’s past weighs heavy on the shoulders of the current regime and despite not winning the league for nigh on thirty years we’re only two behind the club with the most titles and a fair few ahead of the rest.  We remain the country’s leading trophy winner.

What some experts ignore is where our club was when FSG took over just nine years ago.  We were almost finished and that’s no exaggeration.  There’s no point in stating the obvious, we know the club was being bled dry.  FSG are learning from their mistakes.  They took unpopular decisions like firing Kenny but they took a bold decision when hiring Jürgen Klopp.  Since his appointment we’ve lost a final against Manchester City on penalties, a final we were not expected to win.  We possibly should have done better against Sevilla in the Europa Final but losing in Kiev against still the most powerful club in the world and then pushing the games current richest club to the wire in an unprecedented league race doesn’t have even a hint of failure to me.  Winning the European title last season was reward for the efforts of all connected with our Club.  We’re not perfect but we weren’t perfect when Shanks, Bob, Joe, and Kenny were around either.  I feel some clubs are simply investing in the present; I feel Liverpool are investing in the present and in the future.

At the time of putting the final touches of this issue together, events in Bulgaria were dominating the headlines.  It’s too easy to say it shouldn’t be happening in the game because it is happening and following the war of words between the English FA and the Bulgarian FA was anybody actually surprised?  It seemed as if the authorities were just waiting for it to go off and then you hear UEFA will wait for the official reports to come in before they decide what action to take – crass incompetence all round.  Racism along with violence before matches doesn’t mean football has returned to the dark ages because it never left them.  UEFA and FIFA are simply not fit to govern the game; that’s fact.  Our own FA aren’t any different.

Well this Fanzine has relocated to Upton by Chester and it’s been a little on the frantic side but hopefully things are slowly returning to normal only don’t ask me to define normal please.  This issue is scheduled to be on sale until the visit from the Sheiks of Mancunia and there’s another International break following that game.  By then we may have a little more insight into how our season is really going.  In the meantime just leave things to Jürgen and let’s hope we have him for another four years…at least.


JJP: Wondering if Football Pundits live on a street called sorrow?    


Genk 1 Liverpool 4

An away Group win at last; feels a whole lot better.  Great the Ox showed a little more of what he brings to the table. The two goals will go a long way in his rehabilitation. Sadio and Mo finding the net and although Genk are far removed from the European elite, they’d only lost one of their last 17 home Euro games. More points on the board is what really matters.

Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1

We were well below our best but scrambled a draw thanks to a late goal again. The referee Martin Atkinson was so bad he couldn’t even get things right with the help of VAR.  Shows how things have changed when we can go to Old Trafford, draw and be disappointed but their fans delighted. Still unbeaten, still top

Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1

Nerves? What nerves? Fingernails being chewed again, blood pressure on the rise, but you know, last gasp winners send you into all sorts of delirious delights.  We were far from our best, far from convincing but still managed a win against a good team.  The Mane goal was just what he does and regarding the penalty for the last ditch winner, the ref said pen, VAR said pen, Jurgen said pen and 50,000 witnesses said pen.  What’s the problem. Leicester played well and if they’d got a draw it would have been hard to complain. The goal they scored had been on the cards but we got over it and got what we just deserved.