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Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1

Nerves? What nerves? Fingernails being chewed again, blood pressure on the rise, but you know, last gasp winners send you into all sorts of delirious delights.  We were far from our best, far from convincing but still managed a win against a good team.  The Mane goal was just what he does and regarding the penalty for the last ditch winner, the ref said pen, VAR said pen, Jurgen said pen and 50,000 witnesses said pen.  What’s the problem. Leicester played well and if they’d got a draw it would have been hard to complain. The goal they scored had been on the cards but we got over it and got what we just deserved.

Liverpool 4 Salzburg 3

If it was the forwards who had a day off in Sheffield it was certainly the defence who took time out this time.  We didn’t even look comfortable at 3-0 let alone 3-3. Still we got the points and Mo added another two to his Euro file at Anfield. Thought the goal Sadio scored was great but the move that led to Robbo’s rare strike was just sublime. Hope I’ve not got to start worrying about the defence again though.