Liverpool 3 West Ham 2

Whoops, nearly slipped on that banana skin. One-nil up, two-one down but ended three-two up. Gini, Mo and Sadio on the target but we didn’t play anywhere near our best. West Ham might have done but we still won. Four more wins required.

Norwich 0 Liverpool 1

Another small step towards the massive target. We didn’t hit our best form and it should have been more emphatic. However, it’s all about three points and when Sadio came on, he gave us just that. Pity Sky commentator Martin Tyler couldn’t enjoy the moment as much as the rest of us.

Editorial 260

Welcome to Issue 260 of Red All Over The Land.

After Liverpool had beaten Manchester City 4-3 in 2018 I got home and said, “Something’s happening at Liverpool”.  There was the feeling that at long, long last, under Jürgen Klopp Liverpool might be heading in the right direction.

Under previous managers from Roy Evans through to Brendan Rodgers, with the obvious exception of Roy Hodgson, I’d lost count of how many times we’d lived through what turned out to be False Dawns.  Liverpool lost a European Cup Final against Real Madrid and losing the game in the way we did could have done irreparable damage in the same way damage was done following those False Dawns.  However, it became the springboard to take us further with Jürgen gradually building a squad of players, along with a great backroom staff, which could compete with just about anyone.

Last seasons title tilt fell just short.  Following previous title challenges we never built on the foundations; the teams of Roy, Gerard, Rafa and Brendan all became significantly poorer after missing out.  This time the players, and Jürgen Klopp, strengthened their resolve in adversity.  What we have been privileged to watch over the past eighteen months or so is without parallel in the game today.  I won’t get ahead of myself but the day of deliverance may be closer than it has ever been.

All the rubbish spouted by so many about this being the worst Premier League of all time comes from nothing more than envy.  Two seasons ago when Manchester City almost rewrote the record books the picture being painted was one of greatness.  Last season when both European Finals were contested by English teams they said it just showed the Premier League was at its strongest and the eventual two-horse title race between Manchester City and Liverpool was something to behold.  What’s changed?

Several of the so-called big clubs went out last summer and spent big with the exception of one club and that club was Liverpool.  If I remember some experts suggested we were making a mistake.  This Liverpool team didn’t just appear overnight, it has evolved over a period of time.  That is down to Jürgen Klopp and all those behind the scenes, including the owners.

Like the League Cup, the FA Cup has disintegrated into farce.  Jürgen got criticised for honouring an agreement yet it shouldn’t have been necessary.  Going on about it is pointless.  There’s one common ingredient missing from football today and that is common sense.  Bring that back into the game and it will be to the benefit of everyone.  Only holding breath is not recommended.

As it turned out, against Shrewsbury at Anfield some young footballers had the chance to live a dream and isn’t that what football should be about?

Talking of living dreams…no don’t let’s go there – just yet!!!!

JJP  Looking for a home for a dark cloud that’s been hanging over me since 1990; would suit Mancunian.


Liverpool 1 Shrewsbury 0

The kids didn’t do too badly did they? I’m glad we can kick the critics aside and enjoy another special Anfield night. Great stuff and a deserved win albeit thanks to an own goal by Williams from a Williams cross. Go and figure that one out.