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The View From The Isolation Unit

Good Afternoon From The Red All Over The Land Isolation Unit
We are indeed living in strange and uncertain times.  Nobody honestly knows when our team will play again and even worse for an arl arse such as myself, I don’t know when I’ll be allowed to watch them again. However, life goes on even in isolation. There’s no point in just sitting around letting boredom dominate so for me I’ve decided on a business as usual approach. I’ll put a Fanzine together and worry about when it can go on sale later.
Although I might be defying the governments wishes I can stockpile material for use so if you are a contributor, don’t stop sending stuff in. Any cartoon sketches or skits or links welcome.
For all subscribers, I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on in Fanzine land, but I do have to say, the white suit is temporarily on hold. Any ideas on what we can do, welcome. All copies of Issue 261 were posted out on or before March 12th.
Let’s hope we all get through this, at the moment I feel like it’s the blind leading the blind but I agreed with my brother, a rarity in itself, when he said nobody knows what the answer is because nobody knows the question.
Right, a Fanzine to work on, a lawn to get mowed and the wine cabinet is well stocked. Oh, and we finally got some more bog rolls meaning those unsold copies in the garage are safe for now

Liverpool 2 Atletico Madrid 3

Sorry for the late post but just taken over by events. We looked good for most of the opening 90 minutes and in truth, should have finished the job but a great goalkeeping display by the Atletico ‘keeper and several missed chances meant extra time as we only had a Gini goal to our name. In added time Bobby finally scored at Anfield but instead of lifting us to where we wanted to be it was the end of the line. Adrian messed up and that gave the Spaniards the lift they wanted. The rest, as they say, sadly, is history.