Kids Lost In France

Strasbourg beat Liverpool 3-0 at Anfield and that may have made headlines in France. Our team was mainly Academy players plus a few seniors who needed minutes. Three down after 20 minutes. All mistakes but they kept going but in truth, never looked like scoring. They call it the learning curve.

Life In The Community [Shield]

Nice to start the season with not just a win, but a trophy as well. It’s been a long time since we won the Community Shield, but this was worth waiting for.  Mo Salah was better than ever, what a strike from TAA and Nunez is starting to pay off his transfer fee. 3-1 summed the performance up. City fans are a disgrace.

A Silent Night In Salzburg

It wasn’t the best of nights in Salzburg, home of the Christmas hymn Silent Night. In fact, it was a silent night for our forwards. Plenty of possession but no goals and a 1-0 defeat. The team sent out showed that Liverpool was thinking more about Saturday, Manchester City, and the Community Shield. Minor injuries seem to be stacking up.