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Pre Season Defeat

The pre-season continued with a 4-3 defeat against Hertha Berlin in Innsbruck.  In the days leading up to the game the Echo kept making suggestions about the future of Jordan Henderson.  If they weren’t talking Hendo they were warning us about the strengths of the teams who could be deemed as our rivals and then linking us with everyone and everybody who could be on the move – even Paul Pogba got a mention.  I personally can’t stand all the rubbish so I do my best to give it a wide berth and thinking all time we will sign who we will sign and sell who we will sell.  That’s football.   Although we lost 4-3 Big Joe & VvD got on the pitch.  Before anyone tries to assess where we are we need the likes of Hendo, Fab and Thiago back, not to mention Bobby and Ali.