Legends Night

What turned out to be a Legends Night was a great success and the 23 Hotel Anfield Marquee was packed to the rafters. Both John Aldridge and Steve McMahon entertained the crowd, just as they used to do on the pitch. It was all about raising money for the residents of Abbey Lawns Residential home and we succeeded in doing just that. John Keith was the compare who stood between the two former players and Graham Mack hosted the rest of the night. A full account will be posted later.

Legends Evening Aldo & Steve McMahon

Jan Molby made a late withdrawal to our 27th anniversary plans by sending a message that he will now be working for Danish TV at the World Cup. This caused a problem but thankfully we managed to get round this thanks to the efforts of 23 HOTEL ANFIELD. So, we now have John Aldridge and Steve McMahon as our headline guests. Not a bad pair of subs to bring on. However, this has cost us in the region of £1,000 to get these two former players on board and this will hit our plans somewhat. However, the show must go on and we will work that bit harder to raise good money for ABBEY LAWNS residential home.

It Wasn’t My Fault

A website glitch stopped me posting latest news updates. But thanks to some support from a clever nephew, we’re now back in business. No need to bring you yesterday’s papers, you know what’s happened on and off the pitch so when football returns around the festive season we can get back on track.