Liverpool 3 Middlesbrough 0

Well we got the win to clinch fourth spot. It wasn’t a great performance especially in the first half when we struggled to break down the Boro defence, which was nothing new. Once the first went in as the added minute commenced the whole day seemed somewhat better. When the second and third followed in quick succession I started to think in terms of an avalanche but it didn’t arrive and it was more in keeping with putting our feet up knowing the task was complete. Nice tribute to Lucas at the end; well deserved as well. Fair play to Boro, they were typically boring but unlike Watford and Everton they didn’t roll over we had to work for what we got.

West Ham 0 Liverpool 4

At last a display reminiscent of early season, maybe it was the sunshine?  Scored four, could have been six or seven but fair enough, West Ham should have had a penalty.  Naturally there were a few anxious moments and how West Ham missed the chance right on halftime I don’t know but not only did they miss it once, but twice.  The second half they took a battering and it was totally one-sided. Coutinho was definitely the Little Magician and how good to see Dancing Dan dancing again. If Origi had passed to him when he should have done late on he’d have danced some more.  I suppose Origi saw the goal and went for it.  Just one more banana skin to overcome, relegated Middlesbrough between us and a top four finish; no slip ups required

Liverpool 0 Southampton 0

We’ve gone from the exhilarating thrill a minute stuff of the first half of the season to watching paint dry now.  This was awful, from the first minute until the last.  We’re limping along relying on others to drop points after we’ve squandered just about every advantage we seem to have. Manchester United losing didn’t make me feel any better; we should be over the hills and far away by now. You can’t single out any player this was a collective mess and everyone from the management down needs to take responsibility. We’ve played Southampton four times this season, scored nil – says something doesn’t it?