Liverpool 5 Watford 0

It’s hard to add anything to what has been said almost since the final whistle blew. Maybe you just had to be there? I’m glad I was.  They don’t have to write headlines about Mo Salah, he writes them himself. We are honoured and privileged to be watching such a talent.

Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1

Hard to take no matter what.  Don’t often do well at the worst ground in the land and we didn’t do well again in this game. Might have had a penalty, might have had two, could have had three but referees are reluctant to give too much to the visitors at OT. He still sits in the Stands casting an evil eye on the man with the whistle.

Liverpool 0 Porto 0

A nil-nil nobody seemed fussed about. More akin to a training session and that’s about it. In the draw for the last eight with the minimum of fuss.  Good new Euro song rang out as well.

Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0

On a day when Brass Monkey’s would have definitely stayed at home the Redmen didn’t have to go into second gear to beat a poor Newcastle side who had some odd support.  They kept singing about being on the dole and stealing stereo’s but if that’s what they do in their private lives it’s up to them.

Liverpool 4 West Ham 1

Excellent performance and a 4-1 win could well have been double that. Nice West Ham tribute to the late and great Bobby Moore and I’m sure he’d have been impressed by this Liverpool showing.