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Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 0

On a hot summers night it was strange watching a game of football with no crowd in the ground. The usual passion replaced by flags and banners which gave a tremendous backdrop to the game against Crystal Palace. You could even have sound effects but I didn’t want that and I didn’t want to listen to Martin Tyler either, the world is in a bad enough state without him adding to it. We got what we needed and it was done in some style. Four great goals but all different. TAA’s free kick stunned me as well as the Palace keeper. Fab to Mo was sublime and then Fab’s rocket was simply fab!!!! Mo to Sadio was sublime but that doesn’t really tell the story. Great to see Harvey Elliott and Neco Williams on the pitch, today is good, they are what we hope will be part of tomorrow and talking of tomorrow’s Man City go to Chelsea…would be then couldn’t it?

£350 Donated To @SFoodbanks

Delighted to announce that Red All Over The Land has been able to donate a further £350 to @SFoodbanks. £250 of this was sent to us by the J23 Foundation chairman Mike Lepic & we’re really grateful. To date we have now raised £650 for @SFoodbanks and on behalf of Red All Over The Land my thanks to each and everyone who has either subscribed to Red All Over The Land or bought a copy. Without your support this would not have happened. Thank You