Manchester United 0 Liverpool 0

Not a lot to say about a goalless draw that won’t be remembered for very long. Neither side looked like scoring and that was about that. Still a point from a game we usually lose and still heading the table.

Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0

Not the best of nights, we huffed a lot and puffed a lot but didn’t do much more. Never looked like scoring but neither did Munich. Good news is, we’re still in the game but our spark needs finding a bit quick.

Liverpool 3 Bournemouth 0

Just a nice tonic to wash away the recent doubts. Far from perfect but not too bad all the same. Superb goals from Gini and not a bad one from Mo. Mane started the show.  It gets a bit tougher now with Munich and Manchester on the horizon.

West Ham 1 Liverpool 1

Glass half empty: Glass half full. Three points clear but suddenly the arrogance of our football has gone. We’re now bumbling along not looking like antony knows who should be doing what. We scored but the lino should have raised his flag. Should have won with the last kick but maybe Origi used his luck up against Everton. Take one-all one and the the hell out of there.

Liverpool 1 Leicester 1

Not the result we wanted, not the result most expected but after a couple of odd days in the Premier Division we somehow managed to increase our advantage at the top. Leicester were probably the better side in some way but we had another inept performance from a refree but on the other hand we weren’t very good ourselves and you can’t blame the referee for that.

Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3

More proof that we can’t take our eye off the job required. Palace are the divisions odd ball. Can win at the Etihad but can’t win at hone, and hardly ever score at home.This like a heavyweight title fight, the underdog wanting to at least bloody the nose of the pretenders to the throne. The first half was worrying, we had nearly all the ball but didn’t look like scoring whereas Palace hardly touched it but went in one up! Second half was a bit kamikazi, when scored twice in the space of about five minutes it seemed we were on our way. Nope, they got on terms, then we got a third but then Milner gets sent off. We grabbed a fourth with just two minutes left but they wouldn’t lay down and somehow got another. The noise at the end was both exultation and relief.

Brighton 0 Liverpool 1

Back to basics, or rather just do what’s necessary and get the job done. Well we did it. Nothing sensational, penalty needed but three points. The table doesn’t lie, but it can be misleading. Brighton have learnt lessons and are not going to let teams just go down to their place and walk all over them. They make life hard, which is what they’re supposed to do. They should stay up again and that will be seen as their job done. We got three points Mo scored from the spot. We can live with that.