The Red Journey

March 1892: “You must look for another site. Here is the notice to quit my ground”.  John Houlding evicts Everton from Anfield.  And so the story began.

The book ‘THE RED JOURNEY – an oral history of Liverpool Football Club’ was compiled an edited by Mark Platt who has written several books on LFC and worked on many projects charting the history of the club for LFCTV.  This isn’t so much a book but a compilation of quotes and comments from players, managers, coaches, directors, chairmen and owners etc; made during the first 125 years of Liverpool’s history.  The comment above started the ball rolling, Everton had to go as Mister Houlding wanted something different and out of the darkness cometh the light that was to be Liverpool FC.


I really enjoyed reading the comments, and in my own mind recalling some of the times they were commenting on and those made from the 1960’s onwards brought back many a memory.  Mark has to be commended on the extensive research and maybe for once a book cannot distort the history of our football club because what they said and what appears in print was exactly that.  The good thing is it shows in great detail the history of Liverpool didn’t start with the arrival of Mister Shankly, it started when John Houlding gave that eviction notice to Everton, something which can be too easily forgotten.  Great rivalries have existed since the beginning, Everton being the number one despite how many prefer to view Manchester United today.  In the sixties Leicester City became a ‘rival’ in the eighties it was Nottingham Forest and reminders of such are well documented by those who were involved.  We’ll cover such in the next issue of this Fanzine.  In the meantime, if you want to formulate your own opinion and see for yourself what those involved within our club said and thought, purchase this book – or as its Yuletide, put it on your list of wants. 


We’ll be sending a copy  of ‘THE RED JOURNEY’ to one of our subscribers and who knows it could be you!



Part Two will be in the next Issue of Red All Over The Land when we look at the sixties and beyond.