The Ragamuffins






Down years many things have changed outside Anfield on match day.  We used to have rosette sellers, I miss them meself.  We’ve had the guys with the ‘World Ends Tomorrow’ placards or ones urgently telling us to find our God, this both before and during the Fowler era.  As things are at the time of writing they’d be quid’s in now wouldn’t they?  There was the time when you had to get inside Anfield early to get yer spec because the crowd was going to be big or like in the early 60’s, to join in the singing. 

The Anfield of today bears little resemblance to the Anfield of just a few years ago; both the stadium and surrounding area.  There are the signs that its all becoming Americanised – which is something the Boston Boys may have suggested or maybe it’s just another sign football is entertainment as well as sport?  Before a recent game near Flagpole corner there was a busker playing, not a very good one but he was trying.  We’ve even had a One-Man-Band who was amusing if nothing else, match goers probably know of the bagpipe player?  Down at TIA Jamie Webster is the stage show. 

Then there are The Fan Parks and I’ll be honest; some of the performers have struggled to fit in with what it is about.  However, others manage it and one band [I still see ’em as groups] who are good and know the Anfield scene are The Ragamuffins – see inside front cover.  They play many of the songs the Kop have been singing over the past couple of seasons.

The VvD song and Si Señor but my favourite is ‘Scouser Tommy’. A song no others can imitate, copy or plagiarise in any way.

They’ve also linked in with @SFoodbanks and Kop cartoonist Dave – see inside back cover.  This is great because in the absence of football they are still trying to help such as the Foodbanks and that is so very important.  If you don’t know about them just do the modern day search by Googling the band and you will find out all you wish to know and how to support their efforts and their music.

Red All Over The Land is hoping to promote more of their material and hopefully the band will be able to promote Red All Over The Land.