Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

This game was hard to judge. We might have won, not sure if we would have deserved it but a draw seemed the fairer result only letting a goal in so close to the end having defended a lot better than in midweek made it harder to take. Salah was probably our best player but he needed a bit more support in the first half but he scored another goal.  No matter what the result, it was too cold to feel anything other than chilled to the bone.

Sevilla 3 Liverpool 3

For forty five minutes we were in dreamland but the horror show was lying in wait.  How do these things happen?  Well the simple answer is also the obvious one.  All our defensive shortcomings floated back to the surface.  Our forwards must be as fed with it as the rest but while you can’t just blame one man, Alberto Moreno shouldn’t have slept easy after his contribution to the loss of what seemed nailed on points.  The first free kick he gave away was bad enough and it led to Seville being given a lifeline but the penalty was downright stupidity.  From there onwards it was backs to the wall, all hands to the pumps before we finally conceded the late leveller.  Enough is enough.  The first half was simply sublime and we had so many players who looked like scoring it was an embarrassment of riches.  The good thing is we remain in the driving seat, a draw away from the knockout stages.  The Spartak game should have been a night out, now it’s likely to be one of those tense nights and finger nails likely to be nibbled.

Liverpool 3 Southampton 0

Another team who came to defend and show little ambition only this time we sorted it.  The first goal soothed the nerves and Mo Salah is beginning to look a bargain basement buy.  I thought the Southampton supporters were a disgrace with the things they chanted at their former player Dejan Lovren, give him stick by all means, boo him by all means but some of the other stuff was beyond the grounds of decency.  Sky and BT etc; like to promote this modern game as family friendly and what they were chanting was anything but.  They should be more worried about their team.  We didn’t hit the heights but with Sevilla in mind that wasn’t unexpected, we controlled it from start to finish and I can’t remember Mignolet making a save?  Three goals and players given the ‘rest time’ they apparently need these days.  Good enough.

West Ham 1 Liverpool 4

Well if we needed something to lift us a trip to West Ham isn’t a bad idea. West Ham play the type of game that suits us, they give us room to do what we like to do. See the first goal, Salah looked quick when they showed the goal in slo-mo.  One thing Mo isn’t is slow.  Having Mane back was a bonus because all around Jurgen his troops were falling, no Clyne possibly till Jan, no Hendo, no Phil, no Lovren etc; etc but it didn’t matter.  I feel a bit sorry for Bilic simply because he’s a good old football man but not for West Ham owners, they deserve what they’re getting because they sold the soul of an old fashioned typical English football club.  The dreaded International break is here, let’s hop the injured and walking wounded don’t get any worse.