Editorial Issue 268

Welcome to Issue 268 of Red All Over The Land.

Just to start with, I’ve mentioned the Prize Draw and sales of Issue One on the final page and if you entered the draw by purchasing Issue One I hope you were successful.

We saw the first movement of supporters inside Anfield since March when we played and beat Wolves.  It was obviously an emotional evening and the club handled the distribution the best they could.  It will be a long time before any semblance of normality can return but hopefully this was the start of a new beginning.

Those inside the ground saw a great team performance.  It’s something we need to continue and let’s hope we can stay in the mix until as many of the injured as possible can return.  The sickening thing about two of the injuries, those to VvD and Thiago Alcântara is that the players who inflicted the injuries missed a total of three games between them proving there’s no justice in football.  In truth we’ve played well at times this season but there has been a level of inconsistency and certainly the injuries are part of the reason.  However, Villa apart, the performance against Fulham was the worst we’ve played since the game at Watford and the away form has to be of some concern?

Jürgen has been almost as vocal as Arthur Scargill on a mission on such as the fixture schedule and the substitutes rule which is fine to a point.  He’s left no one in any doubt regards his way of thinking but I wish he’d leave it at that.  If other managers have a different point of view, they’re entitled to it.  I’m 100% in our managers camp but I’d rather we concentrated on our club and our club alone.

Despite the showing at home against Atalanta we booked our place in the Champions League knockout stages with a game to spare.  For the game against Midtjylland Jürgen gave another couple of Academy players their chance and they didn’t let anybody down.  For the first time in years players are coming through in reasonably good numbers and in the long term it’s something that could save the club millions.  Annoyingly Diogo Jota was injured and I’m a bit fed up with Sods Law as well.  Don’t blame the manager, it could have been any player.

The FA Cup draw was made and for probably the first time in my entire football life I didn’t care a toss.  Villa away will probably see most of The Under 23 side in action.  However well done Marine on reaching Round Three, incredible.  Enjoy the day against Spurs.

We’ve had VAR thrust down our throats again and when world class footballers playing in the Premier League start saying they’re no longer enjoying the game maybe those in the Ivory Towers should start to listen but we know they won’t.  No matter what supporters, players and managers think, VAR is here to stay and in the real world there’s nothing wrong with it but unfortunately not too many of the games administrators – including referees – live in the real world.  Somebody said it makes good television, which probably tells why we have to put up with it.

It’s been the strangest year yet in some way a memorable one as a Liverpool supporter.  We were deprived of witnessing the title lift and I felt sad for those thousands who’ve never seen one.  However, for the past three years we’ve celebrated so much and our team and club have done us proud.  Let’s hope there’s more to come.


JJP So this is Christmas? Looks different somehow.


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