Editorial Issue 287

Welcome to Issue 287 of Red All Over The Land. 

Bloody postponements!  I wasn’t a happy Fanzine Chappie when the Wolves game was aborted.  My day was planned and there were Fanzines to sell.  However, I wasn’t unhappy when they called the Chelsea game off.  I’m just hoping the club have used it wisely and we see a few players returning to the fold after all the injury woes.  Mind you, it seems we get most of our injuries when we’re NOT playing but we can only hope.

The passing of the Monarch does get a mention in this issue as does the impact on this Fanzine of those cancelled games.    

The Newcastle game gets a fair amount of space as well mainly because of how Newcastle approached it.  In the eyes of the media, it would have been perfect had we not scored the last gasp winner but from where I sat/stood their time wasting and blatant cheating was something foreign sides get berated for when they play an English side.  However, if that’s what Arabic money is doing to the Toon then that’s their problem.  I love last minute winners even if they’re not good for the heart.  Ajax was different.  There was time wasting but not on the same level, but another late goal was worth waiting for. 

The nine-goal win against Bournemouth papered over a few cracks but even so, it was needed after the loss at Manchester United.  The fact that Jürgen sent on three teenagers maybe said where we are player wise.  The sighting of John Henry brought some wishful thinking but we haven’t signed anybody other than Arthur Melo on loan, a Brazilian from Juventus who didn’t arrive with a CV that was glowing.  I said in the last issue this season has a bit of the Covid season about it and this signing reminded me of the two players brought in in the January of that season.  We’re walking a tightrope.

The Everton game probably wasn’t as bad as it seemed, but we didn’t win and probably didn’t deserve to.  It’s a long time since we lost at the Woodyard, but we don’t win too many either.  The defacing of murals and murderers graffiti came with the usual “We’ll find the culprits” from the powers that be, but we know what will happen – nothing. 

The performance in Napoli was shocking, the worst result in Europe since 1966 and by far the worst performance under Jürgen.  We’re probably already out of contention in the league and with other clubs reaping the rewards of their summer investments even a top four place could be a fight.  However, in Europe we know what is required and that result against Ajax was immense.  There is still a lot of work to be done but if we can keep players fit, and others find some form, we have a chance.  In Europe there are no given games.  Away trips to Rangers and Ajax will see intimidating atmospheres and we know what to expect.  

Plans for the Jan Molby night at 23 HOTEL ANFIELD are well underway and it gets covered in this issue.  It’s a giant size step for Red All Over The Land and if it proves a success then we may do similar events in the not-too-distant future. 


JJP: While this issue was being printed I was on holiday doing all things my doctor told me not to do – like enjoying myself  


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