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Manchester United 2 Liverpool 4

I must have been in a trance after this win because I forgot to put it up. An unlucky own goal that was credited to a United player put them ahead. It looked like one of those OT days. We might have had a penalty before they scored. We should have had one after they scored. But it came right in the end and that doesn’t happen often at that place. Jota levelled it up, Bobby scored twice to make it 3-1. Rashford made me sweat but Mo sent me to the drinks cupboard. Our fate? It’s in our own hands now.

Liverpool 2 Southampton 0

Clinging as we are to what seems an impossible dream of a top-4 finish we needed these points even though it wasn’t all that impressive.  At Anfield now teams don’t fight to stay in the game, we keep them in the game and that was the case against Southampton.  In fact Ali nearly gift wrapped them a point but then snatched it away from them. Sadio Manè scored his first Anfield goal in what seems like an age but we had to wait until the final moments before we could sit comfortably and celebrate Thiago Alcântara’s first Liverpool goal.

Manchester United v Liverpool – Postponed

Who’d have thought crowd trouble in the current situation we live in would cause a game to be postponed. The media shouted loud it was a protest caused by the aborted breakaway and the Manchester United owners but it was probably more about the ownership than anything. The breakaway league just shoved their support over the edge and gave them reasons to go for it. It will be interesting to see the response from all and sundry because the one thing this wasn’t was a peaceful protest.