Liverpool 2 West Brom 1

West Brom’s ‘keeper was probably the Man of the Match yesterday, although our finishing might not have been as we would have hoped but there will always be days like that.  Fair to say Foster’s poor clearance helped us with the second goal but there was a bit of quality in the build up as well.  The build up for the first wasn’t bad either.  What I can’t fathom out is our defending.  Clyne and Milner had decent games as did Lovren and Matip but we still looked so vulnerable when West Brom saw a chink of light.  Karius doesn’t fill me with confidence and those around me yesterday were of a similar opinion.  Having said Milner had a decent enough game the free kick he gave away just before West Brom scored looked needless but once the kick came into the box the goalkeeper should be at least looking to deal with things, ours looked as if he didn’t know what to do and the ball ended up going for a corner and once again the only real shot on our goal went in.  The question is, does our defence have confidence in our keeper?

Sitting in close proximity to the away fans how boring must it be to have to sing about us never having seen Gerrard win the league?  The last time West Brom won anything Jeff Astle was still playing.