Red All Over 1965

There was a time not so long ago when football fans all over England had a dream.  If their club hadn’t won the FA Cup they wanted to see their club win the FA Cup and if their club had won it, they wanted to win it again.  Since being formed in 1892 Liverpool, by 1965 had already won the Football League six times, in fact, were the Champions again having won the title in the 1963/64 season.  However, the fans desired more than league success they wanted THE CUP.  That’s how it was known and in their entire history Liverpool had only made it to two finals, one in 1914 when the final was played at the Crystal Palace stadium and again in 1950 when the Reds of Merseyside got the chance to see their team at the Cups now permanent home, Wembley Stadium.  Sadly, Burnley would be the victors when contesting that 1914 final and then Arsenal triumphed in 1950.  Worst still, for Liverpudlians, Everton had already won the FA Cup twice and they couldn’t let a day pass without mentioning it.  There was even mythical belief that the Liver Birds would fly away if Liverpool won The Cup.  You could win the league title twenty times but if you wanted to be classed as a truly great side you had to have won THE CUP.

1in 1959 Liverpool suffered perhaps their greatest humiliation when as a Second Division side they were knocked out the FA Cup by Southern League opposition, Worcester City and any of their fans who are still around today would mention it if you get talking Liverpool and the Cup.  In 1963 Liverpool fans were convinced it was their year but lost a semi final against Leicester City.  In 1964 with Liverpool chasing that sixth league title a home game in the quarter-finals against Second Division Swansea City was seen as a cert.  Fans were dreaming about ‘The Double’ – alas it was the Welsh side that prevailed and yet another Cup dream vanished into the rain filled Anfield skies.

So 1965 came about and for the thousands on Merseyside who favoured the Red shirt, hope was again in the air.   However, it’s a long way to Wembley Stadium and there would be a few stumbling blocks in the way if we wanted to see our team at the famed stadium.  Red All Over 1965 will take you there, round by round, game by game.  How fans viewed games, how they got tickets for games, how nerves were stretched and how there was dancing in the street.

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