@SFoodbanks came about when Liverpool & Everton supporters started collecting items of food which would help tackle food poverty in Liverpool. It was started by Evertonians Dave Kelly and Robert Daniels along with Liverpudlian Ian Byrne.

It now provides over 25% of all donations to North Liverpool Foodbanks, an incredible achievement. Every match weekend on Merseyside whether it be at Anfield or Goodison there’s a group of guys in a van accepting anything from a simple donation to what you may call a hamper. @SFoodbanks have a slogan that should resonate throughout the game, hunger doesn’t wear club colours. Supporters of both clubs, and indeed, ‘Scousers’ in general, get ridiculed throughout the game yet I doubt any fans of any club have done as much as those who have ties to either Liverpool or Everton.

Rivalry, no mater how big is put on one side when the fans of our local clubs go to places such as Manchester, London, The Midlands, The North East, down South or East Anglia and they help organisations of the football teams from all of these districts and the favour is returned.

However, it’s not just about helping out with food recently the @SFoodbanks helped out with deliveries to the NHS in such as Manchester and Newcastle and they try to support whatever the cause. Only don’t go thinking this is charity because its not, its all about solidarity and from the point of view of Red All Over The Land we’re proud and humbled to offer them our support. Not just now in times of genuine crisis, but for as long as they want us to help.

Via subscriptions and sales of copies of Red All Over The Land we have raised in excess of £260, only a ripple on the waters of food poverty but nevertheless, a contribution. We want to do more, help more and achieve more. If you want to help us, help them subscribe or simply buy a Fanzine.  It’s not a lot to ask is it?