What’s Happening

Run For The 96 returns in May and we’re thrilled that The 23 Foundation has once again been named as an official beneficiary for the 2021 event.

Due to the ongoing pandemic this year’s event is once again going virtual and takes place on Saturday 22 May 2021.

Another event due to take place, this time in June is when a group of Reds go to Walk Up Ben Nevis.

The idea basically came from Mark Doyle and Stephen Kelly(HJC) and Mark asked me to help and get involved.
I think it’s a fantastic idea to remember the 96 with respect and also to help with awareness for those suffering mental Health issues ,be it from Hillsborough,Homelessness,PTD and now the lockdown.As a group we have decided to help the charities ,YPas(https://ypas.org.uk/)
Whitechapel and Mainly as Mark is based in Scotland now SaMH(https://www.samh.org.uk/).
We have a bus going up there from Liverpool on Friday the 11th and will be stopping off in Glenbuck (Restrictions allowing). Up to now we have nothing in concrete planned for the evening after the walk but we are looking at ways to fundraise whilst up in Fort William.We are looking for a venue that could accommodate us again taking into account we may be hindered by restrictions.
Going forward we’ve been in contact with Bond media who are willing to help with an evening in Liverpool later in the year (Gig etc).Maybe a mountain climb could become an annual event to bring people together for all these issues and help for those that need it.
There’s also a book out by Nicola Golding, go to Amazon for more information