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Fabinho Signs

It was just like how things used to be. One day nobody was talking about the Brazilian midfielder Fabinho joining Liverpool, the next day he’d signed.

Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1

So it was not to be. Sergio Ramos ended Mo Salah’s involvement either accidently or possibly intentionally. There’s nothing else to say about our goalkeeper and Karius himself will be feeling worse than anyone. Praise to our incredible support not just in Kiev but also at Anfield, there can never ever have been anything quite like it. The season has finally ended but sadly on the lowest of low notes. Nobody can blame Jürgen Klopp and nobody can point the finger at FSG. I’d rather thank them for what they’ve given us this season and leave it at that.

Allez; Allez; Allez

The biggest game in our recent history takes place in Kiev. Something tells me nerves will be all over the place but we’re trying to cope. When I update this website next I hope it will be as a Champion of Europe.


I’m in the process of trying to spread the word about RED ALL OVER THE LAND to try and increase the numbers of subscribers. I’ve published a digital newsletter which I hope to follow up once the European final is out the way and already the tension is building.

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Liverpool 4 Brighton 0

Top four belatedly secured and another superb home show. Salah broke another record, picked up more awards and of course scored another goal – drought over. Great to see Dom Solanke and Andy Robertson get on the scoresheet and Lovren’s header could have broken the net. Great day, nice walk in the sunshine for the players and their families and as far as the league’s concerned, job done.

Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0

Not the result we wanted but we didn’t really deserve anything either. Tired legs or tired minds? Unfortunately the changes we made as the game wore on made no real difference and we’re beginning to wonder if Solanke will ever score?