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Liverpool 3 PSG 2

They came in all their pomp and glory did the rich men from Paris but they would go home with their heads bowed.  The Anfield atmosphere was as normal and like others before them Paris were reminded, “Money can’t buy you this”. How great to see Dancing Dan back and scoring. In the white hot heat of battle is there anyone cooler than James Milner? It did go off beam and 2-0 did become 2-2 but when you think there could be a crisis, shout for Bobby and he had the eye for a goal. A moment and a night to savour.  Allez, Allez, Allez.

Tottenham 1 Liverpool 2

This was just about the most one-sided 2-1 away win I’ve seen in a long time. It wasn’t a close call but we nearly shot ourselves in the foot. How many chances we had or could have had if we’d been more ruthless in front of goal or passed instead of having a go is open to debate. The Tottenham goal in final minutes of added time gave us what was really an unnecessary scare and had the referee not been as competent as this one was they might have had a penalty. The rest of the game was just us dominating and controlling almost everything, we were in total command and if there’s a better player in the Premier League at the moment than James Milner I haven’t seen him. For a change our goals were scrappy but that doesn’t matter, the result did.

Wemberlee, Wemberlee

“We’re the famous Liverpool and we’re off to Wemberlee”. Spurs tomorrow and the first genuine test of the season.

Forget all the talk in the build up about Spurs having a few problems with players fitness, lack of signings and things going off about not having the ‘new’ White Hart Lane ready.  One thing for sure, Spurs will be more than ready. They’ll be just as ready for us as they were for Manchester United and the usual matters teams face following an International break could affect both sides. The fact Adam Lallana misses out isn’t too relevant as I doubt he’d been selected other than on the bench. There’s been talk of Harry Kane looking knackered but even a knackered Harry Kane can do damage. Our recent record at Wembley isn’t good and our record against the top teams last season away from home was pretty poor as well.

This is our first real test of the season, we will need to play better than we did at Leicester and we don’t always seem to enjoy the early Saturday starts [and Jurgen’s no fan either]. Anyway, here’s hoping!!!!

Leicester 1 Liverpool 2

“Made hard work of it didn’t we”? Words on the lips of many as they left the Leicester ground. Alisson’s blunder was just one of many untidy errors. After 20 minutes we looked as if we were cruising, then somebody hit the panic button. The second goal should have calmed the nerves but didn’t. That’s the way its been in the past and I suppose that’s way it will in the future. Even so, three points and that’s cool, as Jurgen might say.