Wemberlee, Wemberlee

“We’re the famous Liverpool and we’re off to Wemberlee”. Spurs tomorrow and the first genuine test of the season.

Forget all the talk in the build up about Spurs having a few problems with players fitness, lack of signings and things going off about not having the ‘new’ White Hart Lane ready.  One thing for sure, Spurs will be more than ready. They’ll be just as ready for us as they were for Manchester United and the usual matters teams face following an International break could affect both sides. The fact Adam Lallana misses out isn’t too relevant as I doubt he’d been selected other than on the bench. There’s been talk of Harry Kane looking knackered but even a knackered Harry Kane can do damage. Our recent record at Wembley isn’t good and our record against the top teams last season away from home was pretty poor as well.

This is our first real test of the season, we will need to play better than we did at Leicester and we don’t always seem to enjoy the early Saturday starts [and Jurgen’s no fan either]. Anyway, here’s hoping!!!!

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John Pearman

Editor of the only remaining Liverpool fanzine, Red All Over The Land. On sale outside Anfield on match days. Started this Fanzine in 1995