Editorial 284

Welcome to Issue 284 and the final one of this season.
Ee-Aye-Addio we won the Cup. From Aigburth to the Acropolis Reds would celebrate another trophy. After a lapse, penalty shoot-outs have become our forte again. Jürgen christened this team mentality monsters – I’m beginning to think it’s something else. We had Fab missing before the game and we had to replace Mo, VvD and Robbo during it. We would still prevail and like with our Irish goalkeeper in the League Cup, the new hero is a Greek Scouser now claiming to be a Scouser Greek. Kostas Tsimikas you are now an addition to the list of Greek Gods. Alisson Becker didn’t do a bad job either.
One of the worst things about bringing out a Fanzine is having to set deadlines and getting things to the printer. The plan this time was to simply write off the league and concentrate on the Cups. By the time you read this that may well be the case but if we’ve won at Southampton there’s a slim chance that the idea of a foursome is still on and if the miracle happens, Steven Gerrard can come on the round the city tour.
Reaching the Champions League final for the third time in five years is a massive achievement. For our fans getting to Paris is somewhat easier than past destinations. In fact, getting to Paris is easier than getting a ticket. I think suggesting over 50,000 will make the trip, with or without a ticket is a conservative number. Knowing the allocation available to the fans is less than 20,000 doesn’t help and I fully understand UEFA’s argument that those who throw in sponsorship money must be looked after – but 35,000 of them? And the ticket prices! Airline companies and hoteliers etc; hike up the prices citing the usual rubbish about demand. Using Covid losses or even the war in Ukraine as a justifiable reason is just bullshit. There’s no point in saying anything in a Fanzine because our voice won’t be heard by anyone. UEFA use their finals as a cash cow and the people who must pay the most are those who can least afford it.
Whatever happened at Southampton and whatever happens in Paris this has been just about the greatest of seasons for Liverpool. There was, in the past, the treble won by the Joe Fagan side and the one won by the Gerard Houllier squad in 2001 but there was a more level playing field back then. That’s no longer the case. Pep Guardiola was right when he said back in the 1970’s Liverpool could spend more than others, but the money Liverpool spent was generated by the fans coming through turnstiles, good management etc. What he missed out though was that Liverpool weren’t the biggest spenders even then. At Nottingham Forest Brian Clough spent £1m on players long before we did. Clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United had the same spending power and used it but maybe not as wisely and certainly not as successfully. In Bob Paisley we had a very astute manager. In the 70’s and 80’s our rivals for honours included Derby County, Ipswich Town, QPR, Watford and Nottingham Forest and trophies could be won by clubs such as Southampton and Coventry. Today, if it wasn’t for Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp the title race would have been over in February. Football therefore should be grateful for what our club and our manager are doing. Without this current Liverpool side, football in England would be nothing.
Finally, thanks to everyone who has contributed to Red All Over The Land this season, whether that’s sending in articles, selling it, or buying it. I don’t know how much longer I can go on, but I’m not done yet and that’s thanks to you.
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