Liverpool 1 Crystal Palace 0

For about three quarters of this game there was the feeling the bogeyman was sitting somewhere waiting to pounce.  Jürgen is either a very cool customer or a gamblin’ man making so many changes for just the second game of the season and the first one at home.  I only got into my seat as ‘YNWA’ was finishing and I missed the pitch side announcers bawling out – sorry reading out – of our team so I had a baffled look on my face as I sat down on Row 59 of the Main Stand.  Palace fans showed their…erm humorous side as they crooned “Is this your first time at Anfield”?  Our left back and about 20,000 others shouted “Yes”; well that’s how it felt as the alleged unique Anfield atmosphere was, like me, a bit late in arriving at the ground.  With all what had gone on following the three-all at Watford and the Coutinho stuff new season optimism felt like it was on hold.  Paranoia is with us because each time Palace went near our penalty area breath was definitely being held.  We all needed a lift and things started to buzz a bit more when Salah and then Solanke joined the fray.  The volume never reached fever pitch but it did go up a few decibels and finally we looked a bit better.  The goal was no classic but when Sadio Manè stuck the ball in the net the sound of relief could have been felt down at the Pier Head.  Football fans are a funny bunch like when Mignolet came and gathered a corner in the final few minutes I think the cheers that went up rivalled the noise that greeted the goal.  As for me I didn’t see it, I’d got my hands over my eyes expecting the worst!  The old cliché was bandied around after the game of win being a win and as I walked back over Stanley Park with the bogeyman sulking away somewhere they were my thoughts exactly.

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John Pearman

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