Zine Scene June 2022

We took a break after the European Cup Final which was a wise move as it would have been easy to say something that may later be regretted especially after the farcical rubbish and bile that came out of the mouths of the French Government following the scenes outside the stadium. Then we had the pitiful comments from the French police, and it was only after reported circulated that Read Madrid fans had also had issues with the French police and the local gangs who were intent on mayhem that we saw an apology from UEFA.

The Liverpool fans and the club have been exemplary in their responses to all that went on. To say it could have turned nasty on the night would be an understatement and thankfully, due in no short measure to social media the truth was there this time for everyone to see, aided by the fact that even the media got caught up in some of what was happening. However, we still await an explanation to how it all happened, and I don’t expect the French government, nor the police to truly apologise. If we’re lucky we may get a watered down one, but you can bet they’ll still be pointing fingers across the channel.

The better news is we’ve put the signing of Fabio Carvalho from Fulham which was all but done and dusted before the season had ended. He’s coming with a glowing reference from Harvey Elliott and that’s good enough for Red All Over The Land. Signing a teenager on a good deal and for the right price is one way forward.

Another way forward is to get a proven player without having to enter a bidding war. That’s how we should see Darwin Nunez from Benfica for a reported £64m but with all those add-ons they mention in the media in a bid to hike up the actual cost.

If you believe what you read, we’re after about a couple of dozen other players but we’re obviously not. Red All Over The Land only believes we’ve signed a player when we see him posing in the kit but even then, we prefer to wait until he’s on the pitch before we fully accept it.

Mo’s still hasn’t penned a new deal and if we want to be rude it could be that’s he’s letting his contract run down so he can get an even better deal if he leaves. If that’s true, the player goes down in our estimation.

Divock has gone but the cult hero lives on. Will we say the same when Sadio Mane takes his leave? The club are holding out for the best deal, the one that suits Liverpool and quite rightly. The days of letting players go on the cheap are done.

Fulham away in the first Premier league fixture. That’ll do nicely, should get a decent away end if they still have the neutral enclosure and selling Fanzines at Fulham has never been a problem. Before that, of course, there’s the Charity Shield which for some daft reason only the FA know is being played at Leicester.

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John Pearman

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