Any Three From Six

Before the team for the game against Leeds was announced I noted Jurgen had six forwards to choose from. The three he picked looked motivated. Was that because there were suddenly three others on the bench? I didn’t realise how long it had been since Jota last scored, but two tonight so the past doesn’t matter now, so long as there is a future. Mo scored twice and Gakpo wasn’t going to be left out either, Nunez came on for ten minutes and scored a sixth.  What’s happening here? A 6-1 win will look good in the record books but how bad Leeds were won’t. Or did we just play so well, we made them look bad. Come Saturday the boss should still have to decided which three from six. If the result is the same, I won’t mind.Related: why do sharks mouths bleed when out of water, lee curreri wife, used honda 125 dirt bike for sale, spongebob flip or flop mobile, beretta m1951 9mm extended magazine, np241c transfer case for sale, scorpio woman ignore test, treadmill calories burned calculator, hares and freyja, 5e new weapons, funny military retirement speeches, 1911 assembly tool, medieval knights primary sources, kale allergy baby, corben font pairing,

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