Editorial 293

Welcome to Issue 293 of Red All Over The Land. 

Yes, the final issue of the season.  A season that won’t be remembered in the same way as the others under Jürgen.  There’s no point in dwelling on it because what’s done is done, it’s over let it go.  Well, nearly over.

We’re not going to buy Jude Bellingham then.  That’s ruined the opportunity to have a ready-made song.  We’re not in the market for a Ferrari either according to Jürgen but he didn’t say what kind of car we are after.  As is the norm in the modern game, FSG were accused of being tight-fisted [by the politer section of the Fanbase].  When we sold Phillipe Coutinho to Barcelona the general reaction from our support was that we’d got more money for him than he was worth and his form while in Spain never appeared to justify the transfer and now, he’s a bit part player at Villa.  Nobody knows how much Dortmund want for their prized asset but some of the numbers being bandied about sounds like the German club want more than a pound of flesh.  I don’t know what the transfer kitty given to Jürgen will amount to but if it is more than a £100m why spend it all on one player when our midfield, at least, needs a total rebuild.  We need other players as well, so I’m prepared to wait and see how much Jürgen has in his wallet before I pass comment or judgement.

This season we’ve been led up the garden path a few times by our team and if any game typified 22/23 it was the Arsenal game.  We saw a totally inept Liverpool side for around 35-minutes followed by an almost scintillating hour of football [added on time included].  The Jürgen madhouse was in full flow aided and abetted by a referee who, if he isn’t incompetent, then his integrity needs questioning.  Throw in the linesman’s elbow and I think you can safely say the sanity of just about everyone came into question.  Beating Leeds and then Nottingham Forest made us all feel a bit better but even so, I just want this season to end and then Jürgen can start that rebuild and reshape in time for next August when this Fanzine will be back.

Nottingham Forest fans banner about the chanting of tragedies should have spoken for all football fans across the UK.  I doubt it will but as I’ve said before, it’s only the fans who can take this on. The authorities are powerless and the government a waste of space.  It may help if the TV companies, including LFCTV and other football clubs TV channels got involved.  Again, however, I doubt that will happen. 

This issue was due to come out for the final three homes games but then the Fulham game was rescheduled so it will now be on sale for four home games.  Here in RAOTL towers it’s been a difficult season and like with the football, I’ll be pleased when the season is finished and I won’t be worrying about the weather, or if the postmen and postwomen have delivered copies.  I just hope that when the new Anny Road Stand is finally opened fans will be able to navigate their way around Anfield with a bit more freedom because that could help with sales.  The double cover salutes Bobby and Millie who look likely to be departing.  Totally different characters but part of a glorious past.

My thanks to everyone who has been involved with the Fanzine this season.  Those who contribute articles, those who subscribe, buy it at the match and of course our small team of sellers.  Not forgetting Paul, the printer who also mails out subscribers etc, copies.


JJP: It’s been a long a lonely road babe, and where I’m bound for, I can’t tell.  Hopefully, Anfield again next season.


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John Pearman

Editor of the only remaining Liverpool fanzine, Red All Over The Land. On sale outside Anfield on match days. Started this Fanzine in 1995