Issue 300 Editorial

Welcome to Issue 300 of Red All Over The Land.

When I started this Fanzine back in 1995, I wasn’t expecting to reach 300 issues.  A few fanzines have achieved the landmark but not too many I would suspect.    One thing I do know is that Red All Over The Land wouldn’t have gotten close if it hadn’t been for all those who buy it, contribute to it, and sell it.  So, my thanks go out to you.

There are a few references to this being number 300 but not too many.  I did invite a few ‘guests’ to contribute and I thank John Mackin, Stephen F. Kelly, and Jim Boardman for their articles.    

If I’d thought about having a celebration drink to mark the occasion, the earth-shattering news that Jürgen would be leaving us at the end of the season made that difficult.  It’s hard to believe that come the end of this season he will no longer be our manager.  Unfortunately, between now and the appointment of his successor speculation will be rife and that’s not usually a good thing.  FSG will know the magnitude of the problem facing them because Jürgen Klopp was not only the manager of our team, but he is also larger than life.  Obviously, Jürgen’s decision does get a mention in this issue, but the plan now is to have a celebration Jürgen Klopp issue [303] out in May and it would be good if there’s another trophy in the cabinet…or on its way to the cabinet…by then. 

On the weekend of the home game v Spurs, we have an idea to celebrate what will be the 30th anniversary of The Kops Last Stand.  There are things to be finalised but if we can replicate the colour of that day with hundreds of banners and flags on the Kop it could be memorable.  On the eve of the game, we want to stage an event at 23 Hotel Anfield with a few special guests, celebrating not only the Kops Last Stand but all that went before it from the famed Panorama programme of 1964 through to 1994.  See the John Mackin contribution on the centre pages.    

Some of the football since the turn of the year until the performance down at Arsenal had been good.  Reaching a Cup final and being top of the league felt great but what happened down at Arsenal showed there’s work to be done.  We need players to get rid of their injury woes because we’re going to need every one of them between now and May.  Konaté getting a red card didn’t help our situation but even though it was harsh he’s lived on the edge for some time now.  However, that wasn’t why we lost.  We lost because Arsenal was the better team, but we contributed to our own downfall.  Thiago came on for the latter stages but has now gone back on the sick list again.  It could be a sad end to his short Anfield career.  We struggled a bit against Burnley in front of the long awaited biggest ever Anfield crowd for a league game.  Once again, we had more sickness and health problems.  As it was, we got what we wanted, which was three points.

The League Cup final could bring unnecessary problems for supporters as the club, without consultation with the fan groups, opted for digital tickets rather than printed ones.  We do seem to enjoy tempting fate, don’t we? 


JJP: The Beatles said, “Tomorrow Never Knows”.  When you get to my age and 300 issues, you’re not sure about Yesterday either. 


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John Pearman

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