Bayern Munich 0 Liverpool 3

It’s hard to believe we went to the Allianz Arena and strolled to a three-nil win over the might of Bayern Munich.  Hard to believe but that’s what we did.  It’s still pick and mix time for teams in these pre-season games but when I looked at our starting eleven, especially the attacking players ours didn’t look bad.  Naturally when I viewed the back line and goalkeeper there was some trepidation but after it was over I couldn’t help but think why has it taken Alberto Moreno so long to actually look like a footballer?  Trent Alexander-Arnold [TAA] has a few defensive limitations but he was basically a kid coping with international footballers and not looking too fazed by it all.  If only he had a Carra there helping him with his education?  Maybe it was because we had Henderson and Can as a bit of a shield but Matip and Lovren didn’t do a bad job against players that have struck fear into many over the past few seasons.  We picked holes in Bayern’s defence and the margin of victory was justified.  Sad that Sturridge picked up a niggle type injury and he won’t be around tonight for the game against Atlético – it must have hurt he didn’t do his dance after scoring.  I still believe we need a good full back and central defender but that’s down to the club but last night in Munich it was our football that lit up the skies after the thunderstorm.

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John Pearman

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