Derby 0 Liverpool 3

I thought we just did what we had to do against Derby and don’t think we ever needed to get out of second gear. We scored two quality goals but for some reason in the build up to the third the contribution by Lucas was seemingly missed by the Sky crews. He started things from inside our own penalty area and was as big a part of the goal as Little Phil who was given the assist credits [always baffles me does that – assist being part of the stats] and Origi who belted it into the net.
Many eyes of course were on Karius in goal and the interviewers were all over Jürgen about who’s going to be his ‘Number One’. After a game such as the Derby one it’s not fair to draw comparisons because when a team hardly has a shot they shouldn’t trouble the keeper. I’d agree he was a lot quicker off the line than Mignolet but he missed a couple of crosses that he came for, the one late in the game would have been scary if we weren’t already warming down. As far as his distribution was concerned I didn’t honestly see a massive difference although as somebody said afterwards, giving the ball to Moreno never seems a good idea. I’m not sure what’s more frightening, Alberto with the ball near our goal or his latest hairstyle? That’s a bit harsh because the much maligned full back had a decent game.
Although The Kaiser made several changes it was near enough a team of Premier standard and although the game was done and dusted and the foot well and truly taken off the gas at the time, it was great to see Danny Ings back. Get this guy up to speed and we’ve got another good option up front. Also good to see Emre Can back, probably not 100% ready but when he is the midfield options, like those up front improve.
It appears that Herr Klopp has hopes for young Ovie Ejaria and players coming through and getting some time on the pitch is never a bad idea.
I like our manager’s honesty and when talking of some players he doesn’t mind saying things like Origi didn’t have the rhythm and when speaking of Marko Grujic he suggested if his defensive skills were as good as his offensive skills we’d have an outstanding player. He might like to hug and kiss ‘em but he doesn’t mind telling a few home truths either.
Off the pitch I thought the away support was pretty good and it would be equally good to hear ‘songs’ such as ‘Born Under A Liverbird’ and ‘Don’t Worry About A Thing’ getting more of an airing at Anfield. I thought ‘We Played The Shite On A Wednesday Night’ was right up there. We don’t usually sing about Everton or anybody else unless we’re playing them but as news filtered through about their League Cup setback it did cause a little mirth.
So Spurs next and at home which is good. Be interesting to see what sort of side we send out in that one.

Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

I don’t know what was supposed to be spectacular about the pre-match explosion of lights down at Stamford Bridge because once Liverpool got going everything seemed dull by comparison. I’m a fully paid up, life and honorary member of the cynics club but those first forty-five minutes at Stamford Bridge for the benefit of Friday Night Football had to surely be the best we’ve played away from home in years. We simply outplayed and outclassed Chelsea and scored two quality goals and deserved more. Those of us who were in the hovel that is the Stamford Bridge away end revelled in it all.
It wasn’t any surprise that Chelsea got better in the second half but apart from the goal they scored, we looked pretty comfortable and we more or less matched them in all areas of the pitch.
Back to the first half, that might have been Jordan Henderson’s best 45-minutes in a Liverpool shirt? Sometimes he tries too hard to be like Steven Gerrard, but on Friday he came reasonably close to the real thing. Matip and Lovren are looking like a partnership and Milner even looked a decent full back.
I thought the away support, some who’d spent about seven hours on the Motorways of England was exceptional but the highlight for me was a lone voice. When the nutcase who masks as the Chelsea pitchside announcer wandered round the pitch at halftime with the British Olympians who claimed to be Chelsea fans one of them waved a small Chelsea flag as they went past us. As he did so, the lone voice sang out “Is that your famous plastic flag”?
The cynic tells me there’s another ‘Burnley’ somewhere along the way but for now I’ll enjoy the fruits of a victory inside the gates of Hell.

Liverpool 4 Leicester 1

On a weekend when the hype surrounding at least one game in the Premier Division was Sky high and Mario Balotelli said joining Liverpool was biggest mistake of his life – and the list of his mistakes is very long – what a pleasure it was to watch a performance from the current crop that was more about team ethics and team work than any one individual.
I’ve long stopped getting carried away by just about anything but this performance showed we’ve got a bit of quality around the place and it was fitting that it was shown in front of the former players and no doubt a few celebs filling parts of the new Main Stand. I’ve read and heard a few comments about how Daniel Sturridge is more an individual than a team player but on Saturday he was as much a team player as anyone on the pitch. Whilst the not to super Fab Mario was having his say Sadio Manè was doing his talking on the pitch and that’s all that really interests the majority of us. Since his arrival at the club there might be as many doubters as there are believers in Firmino but on Saturday maybe he swayed a few more of the doubters into the believe camp, that first goal oozed class. And his Samba pal Coutinho wasn’t even on the pitch but for once we hardly noticed. If Adam Lallana saved fat Sam’s bacon in midweek well he added a bit of relish to this display against the Champions of England [that’s what they are].
We still made mistakes; the goal we gave away was just that, a giveaway. As somebody said afterwards, it’s part of our game now giving goals away. The goal apart I thought Lucas did okay as a makeshift central defender, I wouldn’t want him there every game but both him and Matip didn’t do too badly.
No, I don’t get carried away anymore; the win at Arsenal remains very much in the mind but so does the non-show at Burnley. The evil of Stamford Bridge waits on the Sky hyped Friday night football. Now we no longer have Skrtel Costa will be looking for someone else to leave his stud marks on.