Liverpool 6 Watford 1

This game spoke volumes for the current Liverpool side but it might have also sent out a message which might not be too our benefit in the future.  Unlike certain teams Watford came to play an open game and was simply picked off and went back down the Yellow Brick Road knowing six could have easily been ten, maybe more.  I think we can expect a few others thinking, “Right, at least ten behind the ball and in our own penalty area when we play that lot”!

This team of ours looks a frightening prospect especially if everyone is in the mood and they looked as if they were against poor old Watford.  Many ‘experts’ consider Daniel Sturridge the best English striker and he can’t even get in the side but when he came on, he hit the woodwork twice and had a big hand in the final goal.

The hardest task The Kaiser could have is keeping everyone happy and also seeing the side keep a clean sheet.  There were sighs of disappointment when Watford scored but as a critic of our ‘keepers I’d say Karius had a decent enough game when it came to making a few saves, still looks unsure when a cross comes over though but after yesterday that would be nip-picking.

A year ago Jürgen Klopp talked about the early leavers at Anfield but not too many left the scene as early as they have been doing of late.  I don’t think the atmosphere was anything great yesterday but I put that down to people just wanting to watch what was just about poetry in motion.  For me, because I was at the Anfield Road end, the final fifteen minutes of the first half was almost spell binding.  To pick out a man of the match would be unfair it was one of those days.

Finally a word of praise for the Watford fans.  I know we had the usual bile about Anfield and a library and one or two other predictable bits but they never mentioned Steve Gerrard falling over once.

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