The season ended with a reasonably good Cup Final – or so I’m told because I fell asleep after watching Brendan Rodgers create his own bit of history with Celtic. Naturally Sky did their usual PR job after Manchester United won what their supports once referred to as a Mickey Mouse trophy meaning of course there will be five English teams in the Champions League providing we can get through our eliminator.

Managers were seen jumping ship at an alarming rate…apart from Arsene Wenger who decided to stay on board for another two years leaving many Gooners with a sinking feeling.

We will be signing a player from Chelsea for around £3m and if Chelsea continue in what has become a new fashion in football they’ll be offering us about £50m for him in a couple seasons time. Anyway if you hadn’t heard of Dominic Solanke before you know who he is now.

All other transfer news is just rumour and until it becomes fact Red All Over The Land doesn’t bother with it.

Pre-season friendly games are being sorted and whereas we didn’t think the travelling would be as in previous years it now appears to be just that.  A couple of games in the Asia trophy were we have to play Crystal Palace so we probably won’t win that Cup? Three games sorted for Germany and one for Dublin but to date nothing in the North West of England – home or away. Hope that changes soon, jet setting is alright but don’t forget the folks back home!!!!

Peter Moore our new CEO makes his maiden speech which sounded a bit like a political promise but his predecessor the lovable rascal Ian Ayre is sifting through situations vacant having thrown the towel in on his German adventure with the other team from Munich.

The club celebrated their 125th birthday in some style but I have to confess I forgot to send a card!

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