Welcome to the first issue of the 2016/17 campaign.
It’s out earlier than intended because I didn’t expect our first home game of the season to be played in September and after the first International break. The original plan was to bring the Fanzine out to coincide with the start of the new season but with that now being three away games I changed my plans. So we have a pre and early season issue that should be on sale until the Tottenham away game and Issue 225 out for the Leicester game at Anfield.
I suppose it’s fitting that the new Main Stand, or whatever they decide to call it, should be opened on the day we pay hosts to the Champions of England. I don’t know whether it was the luck of the draw; a coincidence or whether the fixture planners used a bit of insider information. Anyway, it will be on Sky. Half ‘n half souvenir scarf sales should go through the roof – even the new Main Stand roof! A Day-Trippers delight.
I’m got going to comment on new signings because it’s too early and I’ve learnt not to expect too much from anybody these days. If whoever we sign or have signed becomes an instant hit then the street parties can begin. If they don’t, then we’ll be told they need time to settle, adjust to the English game or get used to eating Scouse. Being as the transfer window is open until the end of August we can probably expect a few or more than a few, players departing the scene. Added to that, a lot of players are still on holiday following their Euro 2016 participation or Copa America involvement. Throw in the Olympics because some players could be involved in that. The game has become an all year round event,
Last year, after what seemed a precarious couple of years RED ALL OVER THE LAND started to get back on track and sales and subscriptions improved. Hopefully that will be the case again this year although I don’t expect the increased capacity of Anfield to bring a massive influx of local and genuine Liverpool supporters. I’ve accepted now that the game has changed forever and the real grass root type of supporter isn’t really wanted. We’ll keep making the point but know we’re preaching to the converted.
How much longer we go on depends on many things; one being me. As anyone that knows me can see, I ain’t getting any younger but, at the moment, I have rediscovered my passion for the Fanzine. I’m told that like vinyl the printed word is on the way back. Well having invested in a vinyl record player and listening once again to those old LP’s that meant so much I just hope that sales of the printed word return to the levels of the past so I can invest in some of the old albums that have been long worn out – again, a bit like me.
In this issue we’ve looked at the fag end of last season and over the next couple of issues we’ll pay tribute to the Class of 66, when supporting England actually filled you with pride and footballing greats trod on Goodison Park! I kid you not.
Congratulations to our own Andy Knott who got wed during the summer and we hope he can still come along and clog up Flagpole corner to sell on match day.
See you around the fields where the Main Stand may soon be open.