Editorial 262

Welcome to Issue 262 of Red All Over The Land; THE ISOLATION ISSUE.

I hope everyone who subscribes, buys, contributes or just reads Red All Over The Land along with their families is staying safe and well.  Likewise, all our players, the manager, his staff and everyone associated with the running of our club.  I include all football folk regardless of their loyalties.  WE NEVER WALK ALONE.

At the time of putting this issue together nobody knows what the future holds on any front, let alone football.  As far as the game is concerned, somebody somewhere will have to make a decision regarding the English Leagues sooner or later.  I can’t believe they would null and void the season.  I say this simply because of the financial situation the game would find itself in and the complications it would bring regarding promotion and relegation matters.  Yet does anyone really trust them to make the right decision?  I’m not saying this from a Liverpool point of view because although we would be the biggest losers in one sense, null and voiding the season could well cripple many clubs outside The Premier Division.  These clubs matter as well.

On the flip side, how long can football wait?  Football behind closed doors is an option but even that wouldn’t be straightforward.  The emergency services, the police and club medical staff would have to be there.  What about social distancing; football is still a contact sport!  I’m certain fans would congregate somewhere and there’d be media and TV crews at most, if not all games.  Could they restart in a more normal way but only when the Government and/or Medical scientists tell them it’s okay to do so?  To be fair those bodies have got some things right but they’ve got a lot of things wrong.  So it has be a case of waiting and we know that’s not going to be easy and any decision will raise questions.

So why bring out a Fanzine which won’t go sale at Anfield anytime soon?  Simple, we have subscribers and they [you] matter.  We can also promote the Fanzine via Social media to try and get on-line sales [Red All Over The Land meets the modern world SHOCK!]  I also feel we can help Fans Supporting Foodbanks; on-line sales could generate donations to @SFoodbanks.  To date we’ve raised over £100 and although that’s not really a lot in the grander scheme of things, it might enable the guys at the Foodbanks to get some supplies and as one Supermarket used to say, “Every Little helps”.

Apart from that, what else can I do during Isolation???

Trying to look ahead, there will be an Issue 263 and it could still be THE WHITE SUIT issue, I’m working on it you know; although going out and buying a white suit would be difficult at the moment.  If TWS issue has to be delayed I’m fine with that, but Issue 263 will still be published football or no football.

Just to finish off my thanks to all those who have helped spread the word about Red All Over The Land and special thanks to @SFoodbanks and The Anfield Wrap.


JJP Things have happened that shouldn’t have happened; but don’t let our greatest gift be one of hindsight.


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John Pearman

Editor of the only remaining Liverpool fanzine, Red All Over The Land. On sale outside Anfield on match days. Started this Fanzine in 1995