Editorial 273

Welcome to Issue 273 of Red All Over The Land.
Just when you think everyone has run out of things to say in a Fanzine something turns up. I’ve had no problem filling this Issue with something different to our home results or quest for a place in the Top-4. Not since the era of the Texan Cowboys has one topic dominated. I don’t even have to say what it is.
When news broke about the idea of a European Super League I just knew what was coming. After its short life of about 48-hours we still don’t know what damage has been done to OUR club and no matter what FSG think, it is still OUR club. The attempted apology from John Henry evoked memories of Tom Hicks interview with Sky when they tried to portray him as the good guy. The only things missing were the log fire, the Liverpool scarf and an LFC mug full of coffee. This time we had the principal owner of OUR club admitting he was the bad guy with certain sections of the media and fanbase suggesting we should try and get rid. One thing for certain, FSG won’t be going anywhere. Does anybody honestly believe any other owner would have acted differently?
Football club owners are in the game simply for the money TV mogul’s promise. If there wasn’t a fistful of dollars to be made, FSG wouldn’t be here and neither would any of the other billionaires that dictate the fortunes of clubs in this county. Let’s get one thing straight; the only reason clubs such as Everton, Leicester West Ham and Newcastle, to name just four, were up in arms wasn’t because of what was being suggested but because they weren’t in on it. If Sky, BT or Amazon had been offered broadcasting rights do you think they’d have protested? The Television broadcasting companies have thrown billions into the football pot but have they ever considered the real fans? I don’t have to mention the fixture scheduling do I? Their pontificating doesn’t wash me.
The club has often said, they value our [the fans] opinion but in truth they don’t. We don’t matter and that’s not just at Liverpool, that’s nationwide if not worldwide. Back in the 60’s I was in discussion with someone who played professionally and mentioning his clubs directors he said, “They wouldn’t know a full back from a half back” and it’s not far from the truth today.
As for UEFA and FIFA they have their own money making fixture congesting plans, plans no club wants but plans that will likely go ahead. They are going to ring every penny they can out of the game with no consideration for players or supporters and no matter what they’re preaching today, those broadcasting boys will be queuing up for their slice of the cake.
Maybe supporting a football club is like a marriage, for richer or poorer, for better or worse. That’s how a fan may see it, but those who now control the game [and our clubs] would happily jump into bed with anyone who promised they could make the earth move.
Oh yeah, there was Old Trafford [twice]. Google Gary Neville, the Patron Saint of the terrace lout, for the latest news. I also couldn’t care less about what Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea may or may not achieve – I’m sure there’s an asterisk or two left over from last season? However, did I enjoy that 4-2 win? Have a guess while I restock my drinks cupboard. Enjoyed the last 10-seconds v WBA as well.
JJP: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow But Hopefully Back Soon

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John Pearman

Editor of the only remaining Liverpool fanzine, Red All Over The Land. On sale outside Anfield on match days. Started this Fanzine in 1995