Editorial 289

Welcome to issue 289 of Red All Over The Land.

In this issue the World Cup does get mentioned as does the takeover talk but I’m not going to say very much on either subject.  In my eyes, all those nations that competed in the World Cup and the media outlets that covered it and all those sponsors who pumped billions into it, condoned it and therefore condoned the Qatar regime and their crimes against humanity.  Regarding the takeover talk it is simply that.  If and when it happens that will be the time to comment.   I adopt the same principals on transfer rumours, until they happen, they’re just rumours.

With the season being split into two halves I think we all hope the second half will be better than the first.  Watching Liverpool perform against Nottingham Forest and Leeds United reminded me of Liverpool under Roy Hodgson.  Watching Liverpool against Manchester City and Tottenham reminded me of Liverpool under Jürgen Klopp.  Everyone has an opinion on why Liverpool’s form went to both extremes, but all the answers lay with those who run the club and that includes the owners, the management and the players. 

By the time some of you have picked up this Fanzine the transfer window will be open and that will be the time to rectify the errors of last summer.  Using the great gift of hindsight, the midfield should have been strengthened and in fairness that was the opinion of the vast majority.  Injuries played a significant part, but it was the club’s decision to persevere with players who are sadly labelled as injury prone.  Other players either lost form or simply time has started to catch up with them.  You can’t plan for a player losing form, but someone should have been looking at a few who are now the wrong side of thirty and taken the necessary steps.

At my age I don’t dwell too much on the future but if some of our younger players justify expectations then Liverpool’s future looks good.  Imagine a team with the likes of Caoimhin Kelleher in goal, Calvin Ramsay, Ibrahima Konate, Fabio Carvalho, Stefan Bajcetic, Harvey Elliott, Kaide Gordon, Ben Doak and one I’m keeping an eye on, Trent Kone-Doherty, running amok at Anfield.  I’ve named nine players and if only three or four justify the faith I think Jürgen and the coaching staff have in them, then Liverpool will have saved a few hundred million.  However, for most of them, their time isn’t just yet and it’s the present the club need to focus on.  The January transfer window is the most vital yet.  If Liverpool want to continue as a Champions League club, January is the time to try and get things sorted.  Signings guarantee nothing but without them I don’t see this season bearing the fruits we’ve become accustomed to enjoying.

The 27th Red All Over The Land anniversary night had to overcome a few issues before it went ahead but on the night at 23 HOTEL ANFIELD everything was a massive success and the beneficiaries, the residents of ABBEY LAWNS residential home, will see us present them with what we hoped would be a superb Christmas time.  My thanks to Gill of 23 HOTEL ANFIELD and Jannine of ABBEY LAWNS for their amazing support.  The full story is included in this issue.

So, here’s to the New Year and let’s hope Liverpool can add more silverware regardless of its shape or size.  Winning trophies is a good habit and every time we win one, I want more.

 JJP: 2023?  Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fears.


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John Pearman

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