Editorial Issue 277

Welcome to Issue 278 of Red All Over The Land.

I will never criticise Divock Origi again!  There I’ve said it.

It’s been a funny few weeks but what a few weeks.  It could be said that we didn’t play at our best against both Arsenal and Southampton but when we win 4-0 I didn’t hear too many complaints on the bus back to town.  The win at Goodison might have been filed under Pay Back time; any win would have done but to win as we did made the after match joy just that bit sweeter.  The Divock goal at Wolves turned a potential bad press into rave reviews proving our media are odd bedfellows.  Mind you, I can probably list this Fanzine in that category.

The fixtures are still coming thick and fast and players don’t get a lot of breathing time.  Thankfully it seems that our squad is getting stronger in terms of numbers; we need everyone one of them to cope with the stupidity of the Premier League fixture list.  The louder the likes of Jürgen and Pep shout, the less they get heard.  The fact that it is the same for everyone doesn’t make it right.  In terms of numbers I’d like to see some addition to the squad but as we know there’s every chance FSG will play Scrooge in the January Transfer Pantomime.

I was hoping to give a full report on our Red All Over The Florrie night but space ran out so I’ll just say the event raised over £12k – well done to everyone, we can come back to it later.

I’ve left what would have been Part 2 of selling Red All Over The Land On The Streets Around Anfield Road because of space as well but that too can wait. What couldn’t wait was paying tribute to Ray Kennedy.  Another genuine Liverpool legend and thanks to the guys who sent in their thoughts.  Karl Coppack knew Ray so I invited Karl to say something and I thank him for his contribution.

Putting this Issue together has been a nightmare as my beloved PC finally passed away taking with it all my stored files.  I’m going to have to try and get back what I can but it will take time.  Thankfully a kindly neighbour was on hand to help and I discovered his Father played a first team game for Liverpool back in 1965.  His Father’s name is John Sealey and not only did he play in an away game at Wolves, he also scored.  We’re going to try and make connect with him as soon as possible.

Mentioning the media being odd bedfellows; the FA Cup draw has handed them a gift wrapped opportunity to sensationalise our tie with Shrewsbury at Anfield.  Less than twelve hours had passed when I saw mention of a ‘Grudge Game’ all because of Liverpool putting out an Academy side the last time we met them.  Shrewsbury’s head honcho said it cost them a windfall of TV cash when the truth is his club failing to beat our ‘juniors’ cost them the proceeds of an away day at Chelsea.  Yep, even in the romance of the Cup the pawn must bear a grudge.

Well it’s fast coming down the road.  What is?  Christmas.  As said, wall to wall football.  The next Issue of Red All Over The Land will probably come out on Third Round Day/night.  I’ll give Mister Printer some time off as well.  So, seasonal greetings and a Happy New Year to Liverpudlians wherever you are.

JJP: Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fears.


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John Pearman

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